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Sep 6, 2014
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Nov 15, 2000 (Age: 18)
Home Page:
Aspiring Animator

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Bored, Male, 18, from Kalos

Who's here? May 13, 2019

    1. MegaMaster#1
      I'm hoping to ,i never won any sadly because i give on games that i cant beat but i actually did reach far because of that beautiful princess zelda.
    2. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Wow, have you finished them? Out of the three you mentioned I only ever finished Ocarina... and most specifically it's 3DS remake.

      Majora's Mask's Skullfish were the reason I couldn't beat MM and I kind of forgot Phantom Hourglass. Are you going to get Majora's Mask's 3DS remake?
    3. MegaMaster#1
      yea i did the ocarina of time and majoras mask
    4. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Don't have any at the moment if you 're referring to my university studies...aside from the religious cults and Sociology of Christianity. I study Theology, you see.
      But I prefer geography, making art (preferably on paper), and history (my favorite one, maybe that's why I love the Zelda games lol).

      Btw, have you played any Zelda games?
    5. MegaMaster#1
      Exactly ,this theory shoul be posted BIG and BOLD in the TF's portrayal thread because as far as i can see most of those speculations don't make a lot of sense.
    6. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Exactly. I believe this is why they 're making these specials, on one side to advertise the games' Mega Evos and on the other they serve as the prologue for TF's plotline in the whole XY series. It makes more sense if we go by that theory.
    7. MegaMaster#1
      To be honest i had a feeling we needed the final mega special before TF debut in the anime because if they came before it would tie up the whole series .
    8. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      No, because the movie features a shiny Mega Rayquaza, and the Rayquaza that appeared in the specials isn't.

      It's obvious the specials and the movie aren't related, but we need to see the third one due this spring to draw any conclusions, as I think it may be the last Act that will lead to TF's debut in the main anime.
    9. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Lysandre made his debut in the Mega Specials and his Pyroar in the second Mega Special. Hmm...

      If we do get a TF appearance in the Magnemite episode, then the third Mega episode will probably air sooner than we thought.
    10. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Forgot to add the movie featuring the Hoenn Legends and Hoopa (who all can be obtained in OR/AS) in my point, sorry.

      Yeah, I've seen it. After reading the comments, I'm now sure we 'll have a TF debut in one of these episodes, although I haven't deduced to which one yet.
    11. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      I give it 4 years, cause I don't expect a new game in 2015, and 2016 being the year the Kalos sequels get released as well the beginning of a New Gen, that would kill it. It's 4 years.
    12. torterra_4_the_win
      I think it's gonna be like Charizard's stages of evolution.
    13. torterra_4_the_win
      Ahhhhh okay. I can't wait for Ash to finally have a fully evolved dragon!
    14. torterra_4_the_win
      Oh yeah? Is that the announcement for the new game?
    15. MegaMaster#1
      Im really great just viewing the pokemon data base broadcast
    16. torterra_4_the_win
      Haha no worries mate! There are lots of other people to talk to anyway :D Nothing much, how about yourself? :)
    17. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Yeah, I agree. We all need a break, not just them.

      Speaking of the anime, how long will this Gen be? 3 or 4 years? I hope for the latter.
    18. torterra_4_the_win
    19. torterra_4_the_win
      Thanks for the FR! :D
    20. Hero of Truth
      Hero of Truth
      Remakes? You mean sequels, right?

      Considering that the Pokémon movie this year features the Hoenn legends and Hoopa, who's obtainable in OR/AS (as well his new form), then I can only presume no game in 2015. That would be a relief, we haven't had a break since... Platinum's release.
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    Nov 15, 2000 (Age: 18)
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    Aspiring Animator
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