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  • im still bad at return here
    ive got serebii on my toolbar
    yet it never click
    it just sit there... taunting me
    Edit. Okami is getting a current gen remake(except for the Switch).
    So I'm like going around generating hype now...

    Regardless of one of my relatives only being able to speak in signs I hardly know any, actually the most basic stuff only, and still not all of them. I in general avoid most contact with any sentient life, unless i really have no choice...
    Well I did remember that my treasure cave has no central heating and instead has a furnace the is fueled by souls so I might have had a bunch of Litwick for that reason, although I mistook them for scented candles on accident.
    And yes my wishes not always work as planned, I did somehow grant my random shower wish of dragons going into space, but then we discovered space fairies and decided to quit while ahead, or more exactly, quit while not dead.

    *Gets to cover the bills for the energy inefficient soul furnace*
    Though maybe it is not that bad, although my first step of action was shutting the gas intake valve for good. Electricity is way less dangerous, and in case of it still going wrong, get hit by lightning was on my bucket list anyway. (Yes, I am in fact stuck in reverie pretty much all the time so I would definitely, most likely end up blowing the place up due to not paying attention to my surroundings, I think having my head in the clouds is also the reason no one in their right mind would trust me with chainsaws, drills, machinery and anything else of the sort that can do lots of damage with little effort. I think I should put that into my resume, but at least if I do that they will believe that I am actually honest and not lying about being honest...)

    Oh my...
    Those school prom events and the like usually involve underage drinking.

    Oh and I beat Fates Revelation on Lunatic/Classic much like I did Conquest a while back, now all that remains is Birthright which I only beat on Hard on my first playthrough.
    *Flies off to the library and checks that in the big book of gestures*

    I would not care a bit to choose, whatever pays works.
    Oh, higher education is a scam because it is waaaaaay too expensive and simply worthless.
    I would not subject myself to another year of awful school and stay in debt because of it.
    On the contrary, when choosing not to waste money on that awful thing, I now have my own place to live, only in slight disrepair, nothing a bit of paint can't fix, no debt and exactly the same chances of getting a job as anyone else.

    Oh really?
    I didn't pre-order it and I'll wait for not ign or anything but gamers themselves. Welcome to modren day gaming where game desinger get away with stuff like this.
    Yeah D1 was alright. But D2 seems better. Getting scared of it tho because D1 released super unfinished and we had to buy the 3 dlcs that should've been in the game... The game ended at you being lv.20!? Dlc makes u lv.40!?

    BS! But I hope D2 doesn't do that again because when D1 did it Bungie went to hell for it.
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