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  • Well it kinda does make sense, most official soccer (or any other sport) teams are unisex, anyway.
    I actually do like her, but well... the others...
    Yup, Eternal Blizzard is really cool. But what's even better is that that's Cilan's seiyuu voicing him. ;D
    Yep. XD Unfortunately girls can't participate in official matches... ;A;
    You what? o_O Most people dislike her, but I guess it's up to you.
    Oh yeah, Fubuki. Half the fandom is obsessed with him. =/ To me, the best thing about him is that he's voiced by Mamoru Miyano.
    You need to see what they're like later on. =p
    Oh, that's a female. First time I've ever seen someone asking that XD Isn't it obvious?
    I haven't watched the second ending, so I wouldn't know. However, two of them do have crushes on Endou, and one (who comes along later on) has a lot of hints and chemistry with him. =p
    Hey, I am probably going to join EK's clan if you don't mind- tbh, I'm so busy with schoolwork that any membership I have on here is really just going to be superficial. I don't have time for serebii anymore :'(
    They look so awesome, too... especially Layton, considering that he's like 35. XD

    It should be on Level-5's channel (level5ch) on YouTube. Honestly, I'm still kind of in between squealing in joy or screaming in horror... ^^;
    Yep, they're actually quite cool if you get over how mean they are. And do you spell Gouenji like Goenji? The 'o' is a long one, so it technically should be Gōenji, but most of the fandom (and the translators) spell it with a 'u'. Just saying.
    Yeah, they appear as secret characters in the game, along with Danball Senki characters. Level-5 seem to be keen on crossovers all of a sudden XD must be capcom's influence Luke looks so adorable in the Raimon kit. Layton though...
    Exactly XD He is very cute.

    OMG YES. They were different hissatsu moves, but... yeah XD
    Oh and, have you seen the latest Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask+ trailer? It has LAYTON AND EMMY DANCING AGNN/MLFEH;STH WHAT IS THIS MADNESS //dies
    I know right? XD That's exactly what I thought as well. I love Kidou. <3
    Oh, the Kidokawa Seishuu match? I really liked that match, I honestly think Kidokawa Seishuu is a cool team. The three brothers are called the Mutaka brothers, I think? Anyway, they're really funny to me. I really like their hissatsu shoot, too. Layton, Luke, and Emmy perform an upgraded version of it in the latest game, GO Chrono Stone. =D I lol'd at the "Kabeyama and that other person" bit. Sorry. XD He's called Kurimatsu. Ichinose looks a bit like a cuter Luke, don't you think? =p

    I had that moment too... I had that moment too. XDDD
    Yaaaaaaaay =D Kidou joining Raimon is permanent. He's definitely on my Top 5 list. Second, probably. Can't really decide. XD;; But yeah, he's definitely very awesome.
    For some reason, I never liked Gouenji. You'd think that, because all of his cool fire abilities, I'd love him, but nope, my favourite is a water-based player. =p I won't spoil anything for you for now. Just tell me all the major things that have happened so far, so that I can tell which things I can tell you about.
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