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  • That's good! :) yeah I just pretty much didnt do anything special lol :) Except the weather is is super bipolar lol. It's sunny, then it rains, it hails, and it's windy and cloudy, then it clears and sun comes out... but then clouds come along and it happens all over again o_O
    Hahaha yeah :p that and trying to keep a good grade in a class I'm required to pass in order to graduate. And being involved in swim team, the musical, and dance, I'm busy hahaha :)

    So how was your St. Patrick's Day weekend?
    cool thats awsome yeah really hope you enjoy the clan it was a fun clan to be in when i was in it...my clan is almost similar except its a grass/water clan with different rules lol...
    haha nice hope you enjoy it in tss that use to be my old clan back in the day when it was a different thread and then i opened my clan...it reopened for the second or third time already...its good clan hope you enjoy it :)

    edit:also i see you must love grass pokemon eventhough your favorite poke is articuno :)
    hehe thank you! :)
    I'm a senior in high school! Being in the musical for my senior year is awesome :)
    Oh my gosh that's so cool :) My school is doing the musical On the Town this year. It's looking amazing!

    And my school did Peter Pan last year, alas I wasn't in it :( I tried out for my school's performing drama class for this year last year, and I made it in :) I really love acting, singing, and dancing.
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