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  • Well, there's Takeshi as in Brock and one of the original writers for the Pokémon anime, and Sugimori as in Ken Sugimori, the lead designer for Pokémon. XD So yeah. =p How far have you watched now?
    Ooh, yes, the cyborgs. XD I almost shat my pants when I heard that the captain (I think) was called "Sugimori Takeshi". XD The match itself was really nice, too.
    Fairy Tail, with an il, is all about Mages (well, Wizards, officially, but most translations seem to go for Mages) doing magic and stuff, and isn't girly at all. It's really good, and really funny, too.
    Episode 4... trust me, you will meet one sooner or later. And more than one of these will make you spit out your drink and scream "WHAAAAAAAAT?!".
    They get pretty nice from Season 2 onwards. =3

    I need to watch more Fairy Tail, too... it's going to take me roughly two and a half months to watch the whole thing, probably. It took me three and a half to catch up to the 200+ wpisodes of I11, GO and Chrono Stone, so...
    It's not scary, in fact I actually like most of the girly guys in this anime. =p Kazemaru's pretty cool.
    There will be more cute characters in this series as you go on. Mark my words. Soon there will be at least one guy you'll be fangirling over. =p

    I don't know the lyrics of all of them, but they're all really nice from the third onwards.
    You'll come across this quite often in the series. =p
    Just wait till GO. She's nothing compared to another ill character. People tend to like Gouenji more for his looks, though... XD

    I do too. =p
    Hey Serp, I don't mean to ruin your possible happy mood right now, but I heard about what happened on the Xat at TPR. >.> If you'd ever like to talk about anything at all, or if something is troubling you, feel free to talk to me, I'll listen and help as much as can.
    Okay, get ready for this.

    That "girl with the bright blue hair" is actually a guy. XDDDDD Yeah, he does look and sound really girly, and I also thought he was a girl at first, but yes, he's male. It becomes more apparent later on. She's.... I mean, he's... called Kazemaru, btw.
    And you like Gouenji? Meh, never really liked him that much. I mean, he's cool with his fire and all that, but... yeah. =/

    Um, yes, yes it is. o_O They get better, though, starting with the third ending.
    Same here. XDDD Who's your favourite member so far? Endou? UM YES TOTALLY. Even if it's crazy and **** it's still amazing, and all the characters are hot really interesting and have nice personalities and backstories... well, most of them, anyway. Okay, some of them. But it's still great. Maybe it's just me, but yeah, totally great.
    Nooooooooooooooooo ;A; The manga's already been released though, so it shouldn't be that long.

    The summer? =O That's a long way away. Or not. ;_; Time passes by so quickly.

    Ah yes, Occult Jr. High. It's been so long since I watched it I can hardly remember XD;; But yeah, the one where the teams is "cursed". What a load of bull. =p As for GO, to sum it up... that's when the series suddenly turns crazy, and you start wondering whether you're watching a sports anime or a pure fantasy anime. It gets even worse (or better, depending on your stance of things) in Chrono Stone, its successor.
    I know. It's terrible. ;A;

    Just saying, it's a bit difficult to read. At least, if you're my age, that is. It's GCSE stuff.

    You mean the first match? Yep, I know, right? =D I love thr matches in I11, they're all so awesome... it's like Pokémon, only woth soccer instead of monsters. Though they kinda get ridiculous from GO onwards. =/
    We don't even know. //headdesk//

    It's... well... read it yourself =p It's a love story, with a governess and the master of this great mansion. It's better than it sounds, trust me.
    Yep. XDDD Definitely. I can't wait for Youkai Watch, which is their newest multimedia franchise.

    It does. ;_; We never do anything active in our English lessons. And since we're doing Jane Eyre this term, I doubt we'll do any of that this time, either. =/
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