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  • Yeah I know. And the thing is too that isn't an isolated incident, such things occur rather frequently. As I said before I think that there is something, some source of reality that we would call God, but I have a hard time believing what is described in the OT to be that, the thing described is a jealous, wrathful, micromanager who is wants material things. There are problems that arise in my mind, at least, as to the logic of that perception anyway. The being that is described doesn't even seem to be all knowing or all powerful.
    So what lead you to your thoughts on religion? I'm curious because I've been reforming and refining my own thoughts on all of this. Are there certain examples or things in particular that stand out for you
    Not any irrefutable evidence, but really I think that if there is a bunch of anecdotes all more or less proclaiming the same thing, then there is reason to at least suspect. And we wouldn't ever be able to obtain any irrefutable evidence unless we found something that is not of this earth's/humanity's origin.
    Well there are different thoughts that people have on it, its a hypothesis so it has room to be occupied by multiple sets or interacting sets of thought until it can (if possible) become theory. But yeah what you said is one aspect of the hypothesis. Panspermia is the idea that life originated in one place and spread to other spaces of the universe and eventually to planets and then evolved. The aliens/astronauts in that case may have just been in the place where the life evolved first. Who knows though, I subscribe to the concept but with my own perception of it based of what I've learned and seen and how things may work together or how they do not.
    Oh I see, that would have been my guess and yeah I'm new to here. Yeah I'm not atheistic, I just can't say that I think the being described in the OT is God. I believe in a cosmic collective consciousness that we would term as God, but I don't really subscribe to any of the three monos because there are too many issues/problems that arise with them that cause it to be discreditable/unreliable/inaccurate. I'm sure you've heard of the ancient astronaut hypothesis right? What do you think of that
    I find it to be a fictional video game character. Like anything fictional, I am generally fine with it as long as it doesn't attack our faith or that we don't take it to be an actual god of the like.

    In a sense, I am currently fine with it.
    I think the Bible does have the answers to everything, but that it is impossible for us to extract all the right answers from it, because we're human. The reason I brought up Lewis's book is that it's what brought me from some kind of self-righteous deism or theism to Christianity. Lewis, and I think I, believe that evolution is the means by which God created, i.e., evolution is the final and proper expression of creationism.
    Have you ever read Lewis's Mere Christianity?

    Also, just noticed the 666 in your username, and went ^_^' again. I mean, I know it's just a number, but some stuff just bugs you, right?
    And I don't. It's neither my job, my right, nor even within my provenance to judge you.

    I'm honestly not sure where I stand on creation vs. evolution. The Bible can be interpreted either literally or symbolically, and C. S. Lewis, who I consider the greatest Christian debater of all time, was an evolutionist. But I'm constantly around creationists, and sometimes it's hard to know what exactly I think. You know?
    Several things. I actually came here because of your sig, but seeing how hard Lionheart's trolling you, I gotta empathize. I wish he hadn't agreed with me in the Rapture topic cause it kinda hurts my credibility. ^_^' Re:sig, first: EPIC LOTR quote. Second: I... really don't think that guy's creationists' top debater, more like one of those nuts who makes random comments without justification. I AM a devout Christian, but I try not to do that.

    Sorry for wall of text. ^_^' Friends?
    No Dude, I wont troll you if you stop trolling my thread You dont have the right to post in my thread if i dont want you to, and if you stop I promise to go easy on you.
    Oh really? I always thought of Israel as a religious country. Mayby because of it's past, also I couldn't resist myself.
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