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  • Not gonna post anymore in that new evo vs cre thread, seems like another failed thread and I rather not get an infraction for that anymore. :p
    I think that it goes with my lack of self confidence, when I am discussing with someone, I always try to be right, and always try to justify myself when I am not...Probably because agreeing that I am wrong would give a negative ego...and I don't need any more ego lowering...
    Maybe, and the fact that He is invisible and we don't know how He thinks so we apply our own ways of thinking because they are familiar...
    Well I think that I know why I think that God cares if we believe in him or not, because I am insecure and need confidence boosts and think that it's the same for God...I apply my condition to God...
    Now for example I'd like to get a hug...and wouldn't mind receiving one from Him...
    Well...I hope that God doesn't exist because if he does and he has a bad temper...he probably won't appreciate what you said...XD
    1) It's a god so it has to be super powerful. 2) Gods tend to anger quite easily, and won't react lightly to people not believing in them 3) If I can avoid the bad afterlife (if there is one) the better 4) When I was a child I didn't believe in anything...for some reason I started believing in the afterlife and in the existence of God...5) I am immature and gullible (probably) 6) Related to the previous one I believe God can strike me with lightning for my bad actions during thunderstorm. 7) I am aware some of my fears are ridiculous but I can't stop having them...
    That it's stupid to assume he is in another dimension...but I said that he was in this one but we couldn't see him...
    The problem is why am I willing to believe in an invisible God, but assume that invisible dragons don't exist? Hypocrisy?
    What about people who convert to another religion?Don't they choose to believe in something else?
    And I don't assume God is in another dimension, in my opinion he is an invisible force regulating the world...I don't know where heaven and Hell are, those are the one I'd put in an alternate universe...
    Yes but I assumed they were in an alternate dimension not accessible from this one unless you die...(I have too much imagination...)

    Oh and that God is an invisible force...(yes like the dragon in the closet...)
    Maybe...but if I were to open a wardrobe to check if there are any dragons in there and didn't find anything I would assume that there are no dragons...
    I can't see with my own eyes if there is an after life or not...so I have to keep open to every possibility...
    But you can check your closet and see if there is a dragon...but you can't die temporarily and check if there is something after...
    no offense, but:

    No, you can't choose what to believe. And wouldn't an omniscient god know if you're just believing in him as an insurance policy?
    Are you going to keep arguing about religion in a gay debate thread?

    I'm just trying to save you of infraction points lol. Just saying. I respect your opinion though.
    I have read it. It's worse than Twilight.
    Haha, you actualy made me laugh with that responce! Fantastic :).
    The shirt was shopped but the sentiment is the same. He is Mags and Gandalf and gay. He has proven to be a brilliant actor, and I respect him. I think the shopped shirt would have been perfect even if it got him in some trouble with Hollywood!
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