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  • Haha it's all good, really! :D Yep, my name's in my bio if you wanna check me out. Yeah, games right? xD

    You really should, it's good ;)

    Life is so time-consuming :p Thanks! I'm working on a couple at the same time.
    Hahaha that's fine! Oh yeah, that sounds pretty interesting. It's all good, really, I've become a bit preoccupied myself with deviantART. You have dA don't you?

    Good :) This season is already better than BW, and the latest episode in sub (40) has the best Amourshipping scene.

    Yeah work right, makes you so busy. That's all good, I'm working on my own artworks. But if it does ever come up, I'll definitely request :)
    You can watch every dub episode online if you want :) It wouldn't take long TBH. I've only watched about a quarter of that, it's that bad. I haven't been into it as much as this since DP ended.

    Yep :)

    Yeah that's understandable. I can't believe how many friends I've made on here.

    Haha cool! I'd be privileged.
    Haha yeah, the anime is pretty good this time around. I already prefer it over BW. Yeahhh, I don't really speculate, I'm more of a commenter haha.

    Exactly, you don't have to visit every forum haha :p

    It's more 'can't be bothered going on other forums' than loyalty haha. Serebii is very good though xD

    That's awesome! Yeah, maybe I could :)
    Haha, no probs Misa!

    There's a lot of conversation about Amour, but I can't think of anything noteworthy haha xD Yes, yes it is :)

    Knowing your way around the forums is being experienced :p

    This is the only forum I actually have an account for, and the only one I look at. Really, your own shop? That's so cool!
    Cool! Yep, I'm gonna call you Misa :)

    Haha yeah... I haven't posted as much recently, I haven't got any opinions at the moment haha. Exactly, and since I have no one in real life for that, I chose to make an account on Serebii.

    That's awesome! So I'm talking to an experienced veteran then xD I'm just a rookie in comparison :p
    You get it!

    Question 1: You can just call me Torterra or Torts, whatever. I've only given out my name to one person on here. I like Misa, that's a cool name :p

    Question 2: Well I was interested in Amourshipping, and so I was always looking at its thread. And someone said something that I had to argue with, so I made an account. Plus I wanted people to talk Pokemon with, and just make new friends in general ^^

    Only 12? So you've been on here for a while haha.
    Yeah exactly, like Hydreigon and Greninja, they have amazing designs IMO.

    Hmmm.... least favourite? I don't really like some of the baby Pokemon for some reason, but I hate the Trubbish line. It's not really the design (although that's not good) it's just the fact that they wanted a mutated garbage bag as a Pokemon :/

    Yeah, my sister does that. Well that's good, I haven't been up to the field with my dad in ages, just because we don't have the time anymore.

    I've been playing soccer for about 11 years :)
    Yep :) I like the earlier gen Pokemon more just because of the good designs :p But some of the newer gen ones have some amazing ones as well.

    Haha yup! I like a lot of Pokemon.

    Well that's a shame, at least you've got other stuff to do :) Yeah it's good to get out and play.
    I love Meganium and Espeon's designs! They are some of the best drawn Pokemon, definitely. And Espeon is pretty good competitively as well :)
    I just love Ash' Sceptile and Glalie, that's what made them some of my favourites.

    That's cool! I suck at both of them haha :p I play soccer though.
    Yeah... I've made so many friends in high school, both boys and girls. It's much better than being lonely ^^

    Yeah, it's Torterra :D I also love Glalie and Sceptile though ^^
    Misdreavus, I haven't used that Pokemon in so long. It does look rather cute though :p

    Okay, my turn for a question... do you play an instrument or play a sport?
    It's the same with everyone, you don't want to rush into something not being fully sure it's what you want to do.


    Yeah... my friends would laugh if I told them I still play, watch and go on a forum about Pokemon :(
    That's cool! Take your time to find something that interests you :)

    Yeah it's pretty good. That's good, if you post it on fanfiction I'll try and find it ^^

    Especially since Serebii is about Pokemon, which is something I can't talk about with any of my friends.
    Thanks! Are you in university at the moment? If so, do you mind me asking what you're studying?

    Well I'm actually working with a friend on the fanfic. He came up with the whole idea, I'm just writing it. I find it better to go with the flow for my style of writing. And I'll be sure to read yours when it's up :)

    Don't mention it :p I just like being honest to people :) I need to finish mine first before starting on anything else haha xD

    Again, don't mention it! Making friends is one of the reasons I came on here. I have to make sure they're nice people first. Luckily you passed the test with flying colours!
    Haha, I didn't realise I'd be your only friend xD
    Thanks :) The tests and assignments are really time-consuming and difficult, so I can't really be bothered anymore. I only need to pass to get my credits for university.

    It's really long and I'm only about a sixth of the way through it. So it'll take a while.

    Wow! You're really good! I like your sketches and colouring, the shading of the colours (especially the hair) works really well. Keep it up!
    Yeah... it sucks xD I got straight A's last semester, now I can't really be bothered doing any work :p

    I've already told too many people about it, so you, I'm afraid, will have to wait till it comes out on fanfiction and Serebii. I'll tell you this, it has Amourshipping in it.

    I don't suppose you could show me some of your art? I want to see how good you are.
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