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  • Hey, which duo pokemon would fit us: Vulpix/Growlithe; Minun/Plusle (too common); Stunky/Glameow; Leafeon/Glaceon; Unbreon/Espeon; Elekid/Magby; Cleffa/Igglybuff; Masquerain/Ninjask; Groundon/Kyogre; Cranidos/Shieldon; Gastrodon (east/west); Misdreavus/Murkrow (especially like this one, since you love Misdreavus); Dialga/Palkia; Cresselia/Darkdrai; Poochyena/Electrike......
    Hiya twinie <3 I just thought of an ideal, why don't we do twin avatar?
    On SPPf, we can do duo avatar, like if I use shiny Groundon, you're shiny Kyogre! We can choose whatever duo we want! Like Vulpix and Growlithe!
    On DA, we can do something like this:

    Are you in?
    My favorite manga's are (well I like a pretty much every manga) but the main manga's that I like are Bleach, Naruto, Dr. Slump, and The Prince Of Tennis.
    Can you make me a banner? With this picture, well, you choose which size....can you make it Korean theme? Like, using Korea flag as a stamp, background or something like that....If you can, can you put this text on: 강 - 주석예아니오 or just Kang-huyn if you can't type Korean.

    I really hope you can do it, such an odd banner isn't it?
    Hey, I've seen the doll you made for Skiyomi. Great job twin!

    BTW, I got a whole day of tomorrow because the school needs to clean up. H1N1 is spreading around the school.
    Hey,how have you been? I haven`t been on MSN that much because my laptop has been getting viruses by the freaking dozen. It sucks. ;_;

    And sometimes stories have to be set aside for real life things. ^_^;

    Oh, the voice actor face-off....I hope either Miyano or Jun of course. Hahaha. :3
    That's weird...

    I guess it was removed because of the upcoming release of the new season. But that's just a thought.

    And if it did come, I guess I'd watch it anyway.
    Yeah... I guess it must be related to that.

    I've gotten remember to order the new season when it comes out. It's been online in subs, but I like to wait for the English release :/
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