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    That's good, and hopefully your offerings will become a hit! =D

    I've been writing an OC Pokemon fanfic, with characters of the games and anime included! I'm just wrapping up chapter five.

    I want to write for other series as well, but I'm afraid that I might portray the characters in them poorly. xD;
    There are definatley shows I wouldn't write for, I'm a fanatic about characterization XD

    I should finish up that Slayers thing I was working on. I just haven't felt like writing lately.
    ...Hello, how have you been? xD

    As for me, I think I almost dismissed the idea of opening the shop I promised and decided to work on my fanfic.

    I hope I'll be able to open that shop... xD;;
    I've been pretty good. I just added a couple new offerings to my shop today, so we'll see how that goes XD

    What series are you writing your fanfic for?
    I like that fact that when you come back, I leave. :p Belated thanks for the Happy Birthday message (Oh god, that was 30 days ago). xD
    Ooh, Funnel Cakes! They sound good. xD *wants to get more food*

    But since I'm busy preparing for my shop, getting sidetracked in the process, and maybe being lazy... I'll be off SPPf for awhile. ^^;

    I guess I'll see you later, then! Good luck with your requests! *needs to think of one for you next time* xD
    Good luck to you too :)

    I'm thinking of adding some new things at my shop too, so there might be some big changes coming next time =D
    Yes, you're right... Especially with the economic crisis we're having. Our fair should be doing something similar to yours, I guess.
    Yep. What they really get you on is the Fair food though. It's kind of worth it to have Funnel Cake for breakfast though XD
    That's good to hear about... I was kind of worried for a second. ^^;

    And, just hearing about your experience at the fair makes me want to go to the one at my state (starting next month)! I just hope we have enough money for it...
    If your fair's anything like mine was this year, they're probably really trying to encourage people to show up since they know times are tough. Our Fair had the musical entertainment for free this year for the first time ever.
    Sounds like fun! Though, I wouldn't want to touch the reptiles! ^^;;

    Having a snake around someone's neck sounds a little scary... Was it a harmless snake? I hope it wasn't something like a Boa constrictor!
    I believe it was a Burmese Python, so not harmless, but well trained. They actually seemed pretty nice and I got to pet one.
    Sorry if I reply late sometimes! Like you, I get sidetracked sometimes. x_x;

    Yes.. You're right on those bad children. When they grow up, what would they be like? Someone troublesome? Or even a criminal? I just know that they won't grow up to be like normal adults. It's a scary thought, too...

    So, you went to the fair a few days ago? How was it?
    It was a lot of fun. They had pigs, cows, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, snakes, a lizard, frogs, toads, turtles, fish, sheep, ponies, a donkey, emus, rheas, ostriches, and camels :D

    My mom got her picture taken with a snake around her neck XD
    Animals are awesome!

    I can already imagine the little kids pushing each other just to see those sweet, adorable little animals. xD

    Hopefully you don't get caught in the mess!
    Yep. It really irritates me when I see children behaving innapropriately at these kinds of things and their parents don't do anything about it. Kids don't know any better, but their parents should.
    Oh, darn. The roller coasters. I hate those, even if they're small. Going down them scares me each time. xD;

    *giggles* Oh, Skiyomi! You must love animals a lot! *would totally go there too*
    Yep, me and my sister both love animals. The only thing that ruins it is that there'll probably be a lot of children there XD
    Yes, sleeping well is important, anyway.

    Oh? The County Fair! I've always enjoyed going there. My favorite ride is Thunderbolt...Well, if you've ever heard of it. I like how the ride goes forward, then backward. ^^; But it's a little frightening at the same time because it goes very fast.

    Anyway, what is your favorite ride? ^^;
    Last time I went I don't think our Fair had much beyond a Ferris wheel and a few smaller rides so I don't really go for the rides. Don't get me wrong, I love coasters, but no one else in my family does so I'd be alone anyway.

    What I go for is the petting zoo!
    You're right on that!

    Although I forget my dreams, I still remember the feeling I had as I slept...and it never felt as pleasant.

    The only sleep I enjoy is a deep sleep. xP

    But I rested enough (I think) and I will be doing the rest of the personal requests I've accepted.
    It's always nice to finally feel rested after troubles sleeping.

    I'm going to the County Fair tomorrow. Hope it'll be fun.
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