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  • hi I'm dawnkenny you can call me dawn im a penguinshipper too nice to meet hope we be good friends
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    whoops. just saw that you left sppf. ._.;;;
    I couldn't even be here to say bye. Ahh, I should log in to MSN more to say hi. :/
    Well, buh bye, Mel! Aw, why is everybody leaving? :(
    Hi... :D
    *ahem* Like I don't know if you remember me but at one time we were cousins.
    Like... distant cousins.
    Honest. :x
    I miss you, Mel! ;_;
    he word remains a puzzle."[2] The New English Dictionary on Historical Principles similarly says "the word has no etymon in Arabic" but indirect circumstantial evidence "points to a Spanish Arabic al-manākh"
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    They were common herbivores in the Upper Cretaceous Period of what are now Asia, Europe and North America.
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    Humala conceded defeat to Alan García and congratulated his opponent's campaign stating at a news conference "we recognise the results
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