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  • Ah that's okay. If it helps for future reference, I'll list some of the names that'll be commonly popping up in my fic:

    Satoshi - Ash
    Hikari - Dawn (though you'd definitely know that) XD
    Shinji - Paul
    Kengo - Kenny
    Haruka - May
    Kasumi - Misty
    Nozomi - Zoey
    Shigeru - Gary
    Shuu - Drew

    Yeah... Felt like listing stuff... As for my fic idea... Quite soon actually. And I've just got a rival sorted. The basic idea with this guy is that he wants to get back at Manami for something she did to him early on in the journey. Manami doesn't actually care about this while Hotaka doesn't like him because the rival keeps calling him 'Manami's chore boy'. So Hotaka wants to outdo the rival, rival doesn't care, rival wants to outdo Manami, Manami doesn't care. Yaaaaaaaay!

    Ooh, I like Naruto. I'm such a Kiba fanatic.
    Well actually I got quite a few going. My one on ff.net is slightly based off Naruto and has Shinji dealing with a Darkrai curse, which is slowly turning him into a monster of sorts. There's all this other stuff happening with it, like a tournament going on, Team Rocket hunting Shinji down, etc... A lot going on and a lot of chapters, but still a good fic, honestly! '^_^

    The one I have at these forums is a shipping fic mostly centred around Kengo and his crush on Hikari. The main idea is that Kengo can't admit his feelings so he has to watch Hikari go ahead with other relationships and conflicts while he sits back, being too scared to do anything about it. The link is in my sig. XD

    While the other one... Eh, too long to explain the general idea. If you go to the fanfiction section, author's cafe, fic ideas, it should be on the last page and the one before.

    What do you think?

    Oooooh, any canon Naruto in the Naruto one or just a bunch of ninjas from places in the Naruto world and stuff like that?
    I don't have a wi-fi code (I'm real clueless with that sorta thing too) plus I just restarted my game so I can go through the region and watch it carefully for any details that I'm going to throw into this Pokemon fanfic I'm planning. I doubt anyone would to face like lvl. 7 Pokemon! XD Yeah sorry. '^_^

    Ooh fics... What are they about? Sorry, I'm really in fanfiction and stuff like that.
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