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  • No problem. Me either but he was talking of leaving sppf, but he defriended me and am wondering if anyone of the family have talked to him.
    .okey I understand. so how the fic going.

    I didn't know if I spell right or not.

    I thought about it but I keep getting busy ans don't get around to do it.
    Just there a thread for all partner shipping other that Bishieshipping, Cheekyshipping, Ironwillshipping (Hikari x Gen). And there a club for all tag partner.

    if you want I could give you the link.

    Me it mostly Mira
    Mira x Marley: Though I can to see only as friend, but I just find it funny.
    Buck x Mira: I just find them to be cute together and they both hyperactive in the battle tower
    Paul x Mira: I can only see them as friends but think of all the trouble Mira would cause.
    Lucian x Mira: I can only see them as friends or teacher and student. They both have the Abra line in their team.
    Abra/kadabra/Alakazam x Mira
    Mira x Sandshrew
    Mira x Lucario
    Mira x Shaymin I did a Drabble on it.
    Mira x Lucas But I can only see them as friends
    Mira x Dawn But I can only see them as friends
    Mira x Mesprint (sorry for bad spelling.)
    Mira x Cresselia, Honestly there a big hint for this shipping,

    All pokemon x human I can only see as friends. And some shipping I can only see as friend.
    Um where you looking at my conversation with someone eles?
    I don't mind, and yes, you were influential but it about 12-19 on my shipping list.
    so do you support any other partner shipping?
    *notes that Mel kicked in a rather...sensitive area.*



    I was wondering. and Chloe must be evil.

    And do my ears decieve me, or did you say you cybered with Kiba? :p
    -headdesks- Scenarioshipping = SOS Brigade? XDD That's awesome! They'd have some pretty cracked out adventures. Ah man...I would write it, if only I could work with polyships like that. D: My max is just 3, sadly. And yeah, I know Haruhi--though I haven't actually watched it. Yet. ;D

    AND YES, I'm totally looking out for your newest fic, after seeing THOSE pairings. ...Also, yeah...especially the ff.net community...it's basically the BIG 3 these days: Poke, Contest and Ikari. There needs to be more variety.

    'What's This Ship Called?' I'm so there. ;D

    -adds you on MSN-
    I'll admit, I used to hate Ikarishipping before. For a pretty long time...but then I got into ComaKari, and I started to hate it a lot less. ;; And then I read a few dark stories for the shipping...I finally began to like it. Though I'm still kind of...biased against the pairing. But you can be sure, sooner or later, I'm going to write a fic on it. ;;

    'Except Me'! I know that story, actually. I totally need to get to reading it--along with all the other fics that interest me in the sub-forum. Thanks for telling me about! ;D And I think Hikari (both game and anime) is such a fun character to pair up, srsly. There's just something about her, which I guess is something that can be said for Ash too. Hurhur.

    AND YOUR SITUATION BETWEEN KASU AND SATO IS SO TRUE. And as for seme!Sato...all I can think of right now is pretty much Paul (IT WOULD BE A SERIOUS SCENARIO, FOR SURE). Like you, I'll probably have to look through the whole Shippers list before I find someone else. =/
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