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  • Do you have the item already for the Pokemon to evolve? I can help you if someone doesnt get to you by the time I'm back online
    Hey, I don't mind adding your FS. Mine is Ground with Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby, FC 2277-6776-7710. Lemme know if you add me.
    Oops, my wifi settings are apparently different so my white fc is actually now: 4813 9587 7191
    I have a few flawless and almost-flawless - what flawless/near flawless ones do you have from unova?
    I'll head back in now with the other guys you want and some fodder for the rest of the pokemon you are giving me
    What shiny pokemon do you want on gen 5 as I have a few and am interested in some of your 5th gen shinies?
    I have almost all of the shinies you wanted from me - I realised you asked for a shiny clefairy but I bred a shiny cleffa - is this okay?
    Also, I already have a flawless shiny tyrogue so can I replace this one for your shiny flawless smeargle?

    Edit, I now have all 9 of the shinies you want so we can trade some time.
    Still looking for some shinies? I have the ones you listed under shiny section, let me know if you need others
    impish gligar. Adamant larvitar. Trapinch jolly. Tyrogue adamant. Misdreavus timid. chikorita bold. beldum adamant. cyndaquil modest. murkrow naughty.
    sneasel jolly.drifloon timid. bronzor relaxed. latios modest.
    buneary jolly. piplup modest. porygon timid. ralts timid

    I should be able to get you the 9 guys you want within the next few weeks (I already have teddiursa)
    Well in your post on the shiny thread you said 2 for 1 so i picked 4 for 8 and 1 for 1. If you think more is fair ill happily choose some more :)
    For all the guys im getting you would this be fair : impish gligar. Adamant larvitar. Trapinch jolly. Tyrogue adamant. Misdreavus timid
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