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Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2016
Apr 17, 2005
Likes Received:
Aug 29, 1988 (Age: 31)
My Imagination!
College Art major

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<--Yay New me!, 31, from My Imagination!

Melody93 was last seen:
Dec 18, 2016
    1. Chelc
      Happy Birthday! <3 :D
    2. Sushi
      Hi Melody, sorry for the horribly long time it took me to write back. I always forget to reply to Visitor Messages *ashamed*

      Hope you're doing fine!
    3. Shego
      Its been a while. Long time no see. I like that avatar that you have on Melody.
    4. Hakajin
      Oh, hey. Sorry, I took another random long break from Serebii. I never know when it's gonna be, it just kind of happens. Anyway, thanks! Really? I need to go check it out in a minute. Yeah, we should do that.
    5. Moogleborg
      Yipes....sorry to hear about your Satokasu pic being removed from Deviant. D: But I loved the birthday present ya sent me! :D (Glomps) It was beautiful! :D What ya working on now? ^__^
    6. Espeonic
      Hey, Melody! I'm here to say that I've accepted your friend request. The main reason I've mentioned you a lot is because while I haven't seen a whole lot of your shipping project's, I've seen that Picture Perfect AMV and your PokéShipping Comentaries and I loved them. And sorry that I didn't respond sooner. I have to go to the library to access the Internet, and I haven't been able to go for about 2 weeks. :/ As for my education, I was planning to start school about week from today, but I may have to wait until next month. I'm trying to become a medical assistant.

      As for how I got into PokéShipping, I actually posted about that in the PokéShipping thread sometime ago. But I could explain it again if you want me to.

      I would also love it if you e-mailed that remix of Picture Perfect to me. Anyway, thanks! :D
    7. Melody93
      I'm just going to say I've been working on the surprise first.;) Yeah I realize I didn't scan all of your hair so over my springbreak (next week) I be finishing the fanart.

      I'm doing fine except with the fact my Satokasu pic was remove from deviant but other than that I've been doing ok.
    8. Moogleborg
      My birthday is on the 17th this month, on Tuesday on St. Patricks Day. :D

      I can't wait for the surprise! :D (Glomps) How ya doing Melody? :D Ya been working on it? ^_^
    9. ~Mist~
      Aww, thanks Melody. That means a lot coming from someone like you. I always thought you were a sweet person as well. Best of luck to all of your Pokeshipping related stuff!! :3 I'll keep supporting Pokeshipping for however long I live~
    10. Melody93
      Thank you Nina Syamo, I try to do as much as I can for pokeshippers.
    11. nina_syamo
      hello i saw your videos on youtube i hink it was toughtfull of you doig a pokeshipping cometary its realy nice to all pokeshipper
    12. Melody93
      Thanks *Hugs back* Happy V-day to all!
    13. Moogleborg
      Happy Valentines Day, Melody! :D (Hugs) ^__^ <3
    14. Moogleborg
      Merry Christmas to you too Melody! :D (Hugs) I was hoping to send it to ya earlier, but I needed your home address. ^_^ Although if ya could send it to me, i'll send it to ya. :D

      How ya been? :D How was your Christmas? :D I've missed ya. ^__^
    15. Melody93
      Oh hi PTD. Shipping comes from the word relation"ship" dealing with relationship of two charaters.

      Merry Xmas Everyone!
    16. PokemonTrainerDawn
      What is shipping, anyway?
    17. Moogleborg
      Thats funny..I was able to post on it....how ya doing BTW, Melody? :D

      Oh...and do ya want a Christmas card from me? ^_^ PM me your home addy if ya like. ~_^
    18. ~Mist~
      It might be the lag. o.o; Lately, there's been a lag outbreak since the Truth or Dare Thread has so many posting all at once so that might have been the problem. ._.
    19. Yoshi-kun
      Thank you and I'm sorry I haven't answered, since I haven't really had a chance to. >> I really hope you had a Happy Halloween, and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that ^ ^) if not then happy holidays. ^ ^
    20. A Loc BK
      A Loc BK
      Hey, would you like to join a gaming forum?
      Final Smash - Gaming & Entertainment Forums - Powered by vBulletin
      There's forums for all different kinds of systems.
      Microsoft (Halo, Gears of War, CoD4), Sony (Little Big Planet), Nintendo (Pokemon, Mariokart,SSBB)
      It's a small and growing forum, so if you decide to join up, have fun.
      Oh and remember to put "Postman" as your referral.
      If you decide to not join, I understand
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  • About

    Aug 29, 1988 (Age: 31)
    My Imagination!
    College Art major
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokershipper, No really that's all you need to know!

    Anime/Manga, and drawing.