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    I hope we can be friends if you want too, I am also a Misty and Pokeshipper fan.
    Hello! I saw your post in the PokeShipping thread. I am MarvelscaleMilotic on DeviantArt (there's a link to my DeviantArt account in my signature as well). I love your PokeShipping fanart!

    I watched your video... I'm also afraid Misty will never return, not even a cameo... It's so horrible... And even though Misty won't return, Ash and Misty are still in a relationship and I'll always be a PokeShipper. I've been a PokeShipper since I was 5 years old, I'm still a PokeShipper now I'm 17 years old, and I'll always be a PokeShipper. And Misty is awesome, and will always be awesome!


    Hi been awhile last time i heard from you.Hope your doing well and i watched your video about how you feel about Misty being gone and i must say you did a great job.Video was quite emotional and its sad that original girl is treated well like garbage(no point in denying thruth)being ditched to rot at that gym with lot of unanswered and unfinished things in her story from her goal to her romance.

    It would be much better reusing older characters than constantly addin new ones who end up in similar manner which would make lot of people happy.But oh well thats what you get when writers rather care about focusing on new characters than using whole sea of posibillities they could do with previous characters.

    Take care and hope ill hear from you soon.
    Hey Melody. Going along with what Champion Jared wrote on your wall, the corollary is that CC just has a crush on Misty. Otherwise he wouldn't be trying so much to claim it doesn't exist. He's just that jealous of Ash. :D

    BTW, I find it kinda weird he just posted a thread about Misty not appearing in Sinnoh right after my GF VMed you. Just saying.

    Don't get so choked up about Misty not appearing in Sinnoh. To be honest, she's has a disproportionate amount of appearances so far compared to other sidebar characters. She's starred in her own episodes, guest starred in three different occasions, and had been name dropped a couple times, even in Sinnoh. Would be kinda unfair if she did show up in Sinnoh. Just saying. :'D

    Looking forward to BW. Sorry haven't been posting much. Kinda busy working on video game projects. Recently got hired by a games studio in San Francisco so yeah, super busy. :p
    Ahhh, sorry I took so long to respond!! I get really busy during the first half of the week because of classes and stuff, and then it starts to die down for the most part lol. I tried to reply back to you before, but the forum lag sucks so much. I know what you mean, there are a lot of old members popping up, who are probably interested in the new games/anime. It's nice to see a lot of them again. :]

    Anyways, yeah, I don't think Misty will show up again, especially not now in BW, sadly. Maybe she will, who knows, but I don't count on it anymore. I was really surprised she didn't get an episode in Sinnoh, but I guess the series is moving on. Also, I can't believe Shudo said that, honestly, that's ridiculous. Pokeshipping definitely existed. It still exists, too, until both of them like someone else.

    Yeah, I remember. Aww, that's really great! I'm really happy for you, you deserve to have an amazing guy in your life :) I kind of figured PS wasn't going to happen a year or so ago, at least not any time soon, it sucks, but yeah, you can't let it get you down. There's still tons of fan art and fanfiction out there, and the old episodes and movies can always cheer you up if you ever do feel like you're getting down because of it. Getting into other fandoms with interesting ships helps a lot, too.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to keep up with this new series, 5th gen in general really disappoints me, and I don't have a lot of time anymore to really care about it. =[ Maybe I'll watch if Dawn or Misty or May or anyone else shows up for an episode or two.

    I'm kind of stressed out this year because I want to transfer to another university by next year, and I'm trying to get the best grades I possibly can while juggling a whole bunch of other activities. Today I finally get to relax, lol. That's just how life is as you get older, I guess. :p

    Well I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and it's nice to talk to you again! Thanks for the VM! :D
    - Chelc
    Yeah, I did, I just keep forgetting to respond. I should do that now... I'm fine, by the way, hope you are, too!
    If you wish to "tell off" Cybercubed, please do it via private messaging. I will not tolerate any more threads being closed because of arguements involving Cybercubed and the anti-Cybercubed crowd. I have noticed that a large number of people seem to think it is "okay" to publically argue with him in threads because they feel he is "baiting" them.

    That goes for everyone who might be reading this. Ignore him if you have a problem with him.
    I don't think I understand all that you said...but let's see what I got from your message...I know Cyber is stupid sometimes, and deep down I think he's an undercover Misty fan. I am NOT one of those Misty fans that thinks she should return to the main cast and travel with Ash, don't get it twisted. However, I find it funny that a person like him would complain all the time about how poorly a character he doesn't even like was treated, and do it on a regular basis. I will entertain his posts whenever I feel like it, and as long as it isn't bashing or flaming then I don't see what the problem is. When I don't feel like bothering with him, I don't. If you don't like what you see, then you can simply ignore the posts. If that's what you were trying to say!
    You are probably the most famous Pokeshipper I know and your YT too, so is it okay if we be friends? I really love AAML and it would be cool to talk to some more hardcore fans about it! ^^
    My MSN is moogleborg@sbcglobal.net
    I'll see ya there! :D (Glomps) ^_^ How ya been doing? :D
    How was Christmas and New Years? :D
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