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  • Aw, at least you got to dress up! xD I didn't this year due to lack of monies. ;o; The funny thing is that I dressed up as a maid last year. xDDD
    OMG puppies <33333 I'm more of a cat person but that doesn't mean I don't love dogs too! =D I wish I had both kittens and puppies, because then I could make them all get along and it would be all so cute! I do have three cats though. XD

    Lolita maid? That's awesome. And it also reminds me of how I need to get more cosplay outfits.
    Happy belated Halloween to ya, too! xD

    I went over to a haunted cornfield. It was so funny. xD
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU TOO! And I did dress up. As a school boy, in those pirvate school uniforms with the blazers and ties and stuff. Totally hot. XD

    YAY FOR THE MELS! I'm a Melissa though, not a Melody. XD Melody is a cool name. It's musical and music is awesome. =D
    Moogly great to see you! Sadly I'm going on Vacation tomorrow but I'll be back July 9. Till then friends check out my Pokeshipping Commentaries!
    Melodyyy! :D (hugs) ^I^ I'll hopefully be getting the prologue to our fic over to ya pretty soon! :D I haven't had a internet connection up at my home and I just moved back in with my parents, but hopefully i'll get that up, plus a new job and i'll send it to ya once I get done with all of them. ^__^ (Hugs)

    So how ya been doing lately? :D Got any more artwork for the fic done yet? :D
    Ah, I'm really, really, really sorry! My computer kind of broke and I've been really busy with school, so I had no time to come on here. Now that school is finally over and my computer is fixed I've got the time though.
    Once again, sorry, I hope I didn't cause too much inconvenience for you.

    I'm glad that Sushi could help you out though, she's awesome :D
    Oooh, awesome! Can't wait to see them, Melody; they'll be worth a discussion at the thread! :3
    Thanks :)!
    Right now I'm kind of busy with homework and the like, but I'll try translating those other links you sent me as soon as I've got time!
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