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  • Yeah, I could see them having an Absol kit. And we could do a trilogy. Lol, we're getting ahead of ourselves.
    I'd better start on my half then. I'll probably wait until yours is done so that I can see the format, sort of.
    Really? Ok.


    Sixty Chapters?! *starts foaming at the mouth* I can't write that fast! >.<

    Bad guy. Also, Bane should have been capitalized, seeing as it's his name.
    I hate that. Jeez, at this rate, FF.net might as well be faster.
    Anyway, lol. The Chosen One Legend extension in Opal's Shadow is even better.
    A year and a day
    Shall pass devoid of delay
    Their fates intertwined
    But what they will find
    They could not imagine
    The complete devastation
    The clan before,
    Once set aflame,
    Shall rise naught from the ashes
    And will bring end to all gain.
    Pushed apart, but hearts together
    They will search the lands
    And find one another.
    As the bane of existence rises from the dead
    The disaster and storm will come down on his head.
    To bring his end
    They must start from the beginning
    To find truth, they must bend
    And seek light from their rejoining
    So begins the end.
    How's that?
    Sure, I can write out the prophecy. I'll need help though. How do you want it to start?
    Sorry for the late reply, forums are lagging.
    I'm fine with all of that.
    Just drop anything that has to do with a disaster? Meaning what?
    It would be something about how they're a fated pair, how they will undergo a great suffering and be seperated, they will journey to find each other, and then... some dramatic, over the top plot twist happens XD
    Perfect. Also, what if we had the clan destroyed? Somewhere later on, not early. It would be an interesting series point, and maybe we could have it fall in line with the prophecy?

    How about... Disaster on the Horizion: (insert random disaster here)
    You know, that prologue is begging for a prophecy. I can handle that, if you want to see my prophetic skillz, check out Opal's Shadow Chapter 5. There's a link to Opal's Shadow in my signature.

    That would work.

    And that would be great. I can help with OC's, and I can write them, but I can't shoot them down. I'm a softie, lol.
    I'd say we can do that, but I'd rather we start with Kveyka, and introduce Aria later. She can be the daughter of the clan leader.

    And yes, we can accept OC's if you want, but I hate when it gets out of hand. I'm already going to have to start picking for Gathering Storm.
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