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  • Hey did I let you clone my shiny event Xerneas? I can't remember and Im kind of cleaning out all the cloned Pokemon I have.
    You know I always feel super guilty when you send me cool extra stuff like this, but it's always a pleasant surprise. ;w; (Though for Pikachu, I have plans to get all 6 as the distributions happen, so this is more like a bonus haha.) Thank you a ton, always a pleasure!!
    Appreciated! Shouldn't be long since I don't have to clone for anyone today haha.
    Heyo! See you online but I have one other trade to do first, if you've got time to wait? If not I can prioritize you!
    Ah, forgot to clean my box again x.x I really can't seem to keep my inbox maintained...

    Phew, glad you don't mind xD

    Alright ~
    If you respond to this in time, I could conceivably give you a Modest Cesteela for a Buzzwhole.
    Thank you a ton! Didn't expect the extra Shinies, but very welcomed. c:
    Hadn't gotten a message so I stepped away for a bit. Going on for real now!
    Yup! Need to get some clones back to another person, might be a bit tho (15 mins?), would you still be okay?
    Cool! I don't think I'll be around tomorrow unfortunately, so we might have to do the trade next weekend. @@ Let me know what you want in exchange, it's worth a lot!
    haha I figured that was the issue, no problem! I shall be here. c:
    Cool! I'm halfway through this current trade, should only be a few more minutes.
    Also! I will be ready to trade in just a bit, have another trade to do first and then I can get to ya!
    Thank you too!! I'm definitely indebted to you, so you'll see me again soon!
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