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  • Technical courses do not have as much seats as business since not many people go for this.
    Not yet. I postpone for a year to swim though and found out that I can't carry on since I want to be a physiotherapist. Should be done in 2013.

    And being a doctor? Well bachelor is not enough. You need to aim for PHD at least.
    Hi meno!

    No. It is deleted.

    Besides I don't chat much even though I drop by in the forum everyday. And I don't go online that long.

    You can always ask me here when you have the time to visit here!
    HI meno! Yup it is.

    If you mean National Day, then nope lol. It is August 9.

    Anyway I am watching London Olympics now. Sailing Star Men Series. Meaning is two men team on one sail board.
    i am doing shiny pokemon breeding for people, trading and sometimes battling.

    lol so kinda boring but i don't mind doing this shiny hatching for people since i only do this for this year.
    lol when you crave for sword slashing play this lol.

    just don't overuse your arm haha!

    yup so whatcha doing in this forum? asking for trade or for chatting lol.
    Tell that to sizida she forced me to eat the sandwich! We demand better sandwiches! D:<

    THIS? *grabs cheese* THIS? Hold on, *goes underwater* *bits of cheese float to the top*
    lol you didn't play the game huh.

    Twilit Messenger from The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess.
    i did this lol. in the dark with scent candles -_-

    I was begging for her to just end my suffering! But she forced me to eat it!! SHE FORCE ME!! *breaks down into tears*

    Oh she forgave me though.
    i have a software but it doesn't do good as well.

    i guess it is best to use a computer in japanese and type lol. but i have to learn how to use it blah.

    chinese is easier for me.

    so whatcha doing? today is earth day lol.
    yup i did wrote it there -_-

    can you decipher it?

    actually there is no software that can truly decipher a sentence properly. i merely use a translate software haha. as a trial version. but i do know jap, just that in verbally and in phases.

    it is similar to chinese so i can tell that the sentencing is broken.

    you know i have trouble telling whether he is lying or not. this is already settled -_-

    Nahhhh she's probably better just because she's older.


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