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  • oh pretty descent lol. tough but manageable. still enjoyable though. learn tons of stuffs.
    i play to breed shiny for people that's all.

    it is good to study so keep it up!
    it means mass rapid transit. a train.

    ah stupid people don't prepare proper speech. i guess the lid is open huh?
    i only think of it as two words?

    ah yes you missed alot of funny excuses the head of SMRT said!

    because of paycut, she said that that will affect her lifestyle. so...the ministers said about adjusting to adjusting to situations (economy downturn, lower salary) is useless now huh? lol.

    yeah. always thrashing my own body. ah the pain~

    lol i don't see anything weird except wierd lol.
    lol. i am in 3rd year uni already however i defer 2 terms so that i can train!

    so yeah been training hard and always tired lol.
    Do you still have those events though (the ones listed in the event trading thread)? Since I am interested in some of those events.
    lol here is what winter? though it is gonna be cold tonight. i need to snuggle in my blanket lol.

    the only thing i get from losing is fun and dismay (like almost pawn that guy feeling).

    my phone touch screen so small and hard to navigate. small scroll bar is irritating. well that is what i will get from a free stuff.
    it has been raining like crazy here.

    lol i love to mock people with my lousy pokemon. you know if i able to stand my ground using these, what does that make them feel?

    cool android! mine is free nokia touch phone. it sucks.
    i am already feeling better already~

    lol you see have seen my sig.

    my own philosophy LOL.

    nice. would your parents get you a new phone?
    Are you still trading event Pokemon? What event Pokemon are you looking for at the moment? Would you like me to send you to a link to my trade shop where I have all of my event Pokemon listed? On that shop I have GCEA events and other rare 3rd Generation events.
    still sneezing.

    anyway what do you want for christmas?

    to me i don't want anything but i want to share my joy to everyone.
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