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  • HA Pokemon. I've got no idea what they are. :/(I actually know what they are....:p)

    I see. I added you too.
    Awesome. What do you want in return? Also, here's my FC: 3024-6810-3631

    So, how's life been? Do you like role playing? Like not the one's in the VMs but rather like in the anime?
    So, um, do you happen to have a Dusk Ball Female Gastly? Nature etc don't matter.

    Also, long time, how have you been and 'grats on becoming a mod!
    Trades went through! Thank you so much for the Skelp and Dralgage! Enjoy your male and female HA Pumpkaboos (or Gourgeist if you chose to evolve it, which you may have) and a little surprise I attached to it :)

    Let me know if you need anything else!
    See, and we were worried we wouldn't find a good SoTE for this one. Justifies even further the motto "Never give up 'til its over!"
    Okay, I do strongly recommend watching it in 3D though...
    On a side note, I got the perfect theory for the SoTE of XY69, it goes something like this:
    There are two sides to the whole story, the Goodra Clan and the Florges Clan, and I'd like to entertain both while selecting a song, and since they're sworn enemies, its only fitting to select two songs for the episode, each representing a different side of the story.
    Keeping this theory in mind, I came up with the perfect two songs!
    Who We Are by Imagine Dragons for the Florges Clan.
    Glory by John Legend for the Goodra Clan.
    So, do you like it?
    Okay. The movie was wonderful, enjoyed every second of it, really worth one's time! Don't tell me you haven't watched it yet...
    Yeah, I'll look into my collection and see if I get something apt, I'm sorry I couldn't do so earlier, had a real busy day yesterday, watching Avengers Age of Ultron in 3D :')
    Yeah, but still tho, it pretty much negates the possibility of him having a mega when you look at it like that.
    And there's only one good thing about that episode. I know the perfect song for it :3
    But before that, we need something for XY69, I watched it and to be honest, I've got nothing. At least for now...
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