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Last Activity:
Mar 21, 2014
Nov 28, 2013
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January 18
Georgia, United States

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Well-Known Member, from Georgia, United States

MercyMe was last seen:
Mar 21, 2014
    1. ChaoticInverse
      Sorry about your bad luck searching for cyndaquil! But it's pretty cool that you're getting all these shinies. If you wanted to keep your chikoritas/totodiles, I'm sure you could temporarily trade someone in the thread and they could hold onto your shinies for you.
    2. Ambri
      I'd be so glad to have that happen someday <3 Thankyou!

      Also, Merry Christmas for tommorow :D
    3. Ambri
      Compared to 9569 SRs for Ho-oh, it was short for me XD. Thanks for the good luck! ^_^ I'd love to get my shiny Tyrunt by Christmas Day <3. I hope the odds stay in your favour too!
    4. Ambri
      The shortest SR hunt I've had is 3322 SRs for Tepig on White 2, which is pretty short compared to the rest of mine ><. At the moment I'm focused on hatching eggs for Tyrunt, but I've also got other hunts on hold for a bit:

      -5150 REs in Chargestone Cave on White 2
      -1490 eggs MM for Zorua on White
      -900 eggs MM for Eevee on SoulSilver

      Just wanna get my team together on Y before I go back to those ones |D.
    5. Ambri
      Woot, congrats! ^.^ That's actually really nice and fast for a SR hunt. It's great that it has the perfect nature too! I'd be lucky to ever get a SR shiny that early XD. And no problem <3. Every shiny hunter can do with that motivation to keep going~
    6. Ambri
      Awesome, hope it doesn't take too many SRs to show up! :D. Oh, I didn't actually get my Charmander through SRing, I just collected a female Charmander from Sycamore XD. Then I found a Japanese male Charmander on the GTS, and got a shiny through MM. It took 427 eggs, which is one of my quickest MM hunts ever ^^.
    7. Ambri
      Hiya! You might already know this for SRing for Prof. Sycamore's starters, but just in case XD

      If you have a full party of Pokemon when you battle him, he'll hold onto the starter you choose. This means you won't have to go through the battle each time, and can just SR when collecting the starter. I used this to SR for a female Charmander, and I'm fairly sure people have gotten a shiny with this method.

      Hope that helps! ^^
    8. SnazzySwampert
      Hi. I don't know you but I thought it would be good to say hi. :3
    9. Cpchris
      Hey, if you want, I can hold onto your shinies for you. If not, I understand :)
    10. Everlasting
      Hi there! I have a Poison type Friend Safari containing Gloom, Ariados and Toxicroak, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind exchanging Friend Code with me! I don't know if, by "any", you meant you didn't want any or you were accepting any, so I'm trying...
      Thank you in advance! :3
    11. Artnerd
      Pst, you may want to edit your post on the shiny board, JAP is considered offensive, JPN is the correct way.
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    January 18
    Georgia, United States
    Favourite Pokémon:


    ★ミ Most Recent Shiny ミ★
    5,184 SR
    15,552 Starters
    New ID: 16111 - 6 SR

    Current Shiny Hunts:
    ID: 45145 (Firered) |Squirtle| 500
    ID: 39009 (Leafgreen) |Bulbasaur|575 → 630 SR
    ID: 29290 (Ruby) |Torchic|1,250 → 1,750 SR
    ID: 57757 (Sapphire) |Mudkip|1,000 → 1,250 SR
    ID: 61514 (Platinum) |Chimchar|500 SR
    ID: 44111 (White) |Oshawott|550 SR
    ID: 63863 (White 2) |Tepig|500 SR
    ID: 39039 (X) |Froakie|1,000 → 1,395

    Soulsilver Badgequest:
    [​IMG][​IMG] ← C u r r e n t H u n t
    ID: 16111|6 SR / RE|Dark Cave|250 Rock Smashes/SR