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Recent content by Meron

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    September 1st: SM137 - Guzma the Undefeated!

    That is just a dubbed joke that the preview program staff made, and the characters will have different lines in the actual episode. Last week they dubbed Guzma to accuse of Golisopod of eating his takoyaki.
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    August Plot Discussion

    If you look at fake Moon's shirt, that's actually Plumeria cosplaying as her. What the heck is Faba up to??
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    June Plot Discussion

    Maybe Guzma is in that first aid tent on the first page, who else would be there? And maybe he's accompanied by Hala, since Mallow is asking where he is?
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    February Plot Discussion

    Thank you so much for the snippets TotallyNotCrt, much appreciated!
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    February Plot Discussion

    Since they're in the world where Guzma was taken to but he's not around, maybe he was saved by the URS and has been in Ultra Megalopolis for the past six months.
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    Sun & Moon Characters Speculation Thread

    Wouldn't judge the outfit being too formal or ugly as we've only seen the very top half of it. She could just wear a tropical style top and shorts, kind of like the USUM girl protagonist. I was a bit disappointed that Misty and Brock were wearing their same old outfits in the poster since they...
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    January Plot Discussion

    She did respond with "I don't need you anymore" after that pause. In the Japanese version it was more like she "got tired" of Guzma as soon as he started to have regrets. In my opinion that kind of goes well with what Faba said in one of the previous chapters, that Lusamine/Faba benefitted from...
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    February 1st: SM60 - Lilie is Soaring Through the Air! The PokéSled Jump Tournament!!

    Since Hala is in this episode, maybe it could have Crabominable's debut.
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    August 17th: SM38 - Mimikkyu's Disguise!

    Lycanroc's voice turned into a male one in the clip we saw in Pokenchi (didn't it?).
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    BW 038: Sommelier Detective Dento! The Tabunne Disappearance Case!!

    The TRio has used the exact same expressions in BW many times. Are you guys blind?
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    BW 33 -- Elgyem and the UFO!

    We don't know about the actors until about a week before the episode airs.
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    BW029-32 titles

    We don't know yet.
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    BW029-32 titles

    Utsubot, Sabonea, Masukippa. So yeah, not really.
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    BW Team Rocket Discussion

    The Rockets are not in BW27 or BW28.