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    How are you doing today?
    Hey, uh, unfortunately, you posted too late to claim that Hondew Berry. The date had already rolled over four hours previously in the time zone FB goes by.
    See, the only zone that will move quickly is the free RP zone. So, I'd suggest be more active there. There is bar too, that serves milkshakes. :p
    Well, I have never gotten past first 5 minutes of friends' first episode.

    It has Barrowman! Has to be amazing!

    Jessica Jones has just one season and probably going to be the only season.

    Arrow is fantastic. But, if you're going to watch Arrow, you should go for Legends of tomorrow and Flash, they belong to the same multiverse and Flash and supergirl belong to the same multiverse as well.

    Also, Barrowman is a semi-villain in Arrow.
    No friends. for me. Friends is horrible. Sorry, but, I am a How I met Your Mother Fan, I even interviewed Josh Radnor, AKA Ted Mosby.

    Other than that, I watch Sherlock too. I watch Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, Grey's anatomy, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Breaking Bad, Torchwood, how I met your mother. etc. I watch a few more too.

    I'm sure you know what Torchwood is.
    No problem, happy to help. :) All you gotta do now is link to it in your next PokéBank post and say you're claiming the 250 Pokédollars for it, and you'll have it next time Tess updates the Bank.
    Hey, just a heads-up, you may wanna consider making your Cortoza intro post a little longer- 300 words at least. Not only is that the minimum updaters like to see, but zone intro posts and replies that are 300 words or above also qualify you to claim 250 Pokédollars in the PokéBank.
    Since you're still new here, I just thought I'd let you know that you can only have three images in your signature, so you will have to remove four images in order for it to be within the rules. =] If you need any other help with the forums, just let me know!
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