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  • Are you sure? Well, if you say so. That lag was a little weird, not too slow, but threw off a lot. You've got R.O.B.'s recovery down really well, I noticed. By the way, Falco's not really my main, but I don't know if that's better or worse.

    I guess I'll tell AerialAce! that you surrender (and tell him how the two matches we did play went), so you could just not tell him if you want and we could go through with it.
    Alright, I'll get your friend code and be online for awhile. Hopefully, you can get this before long.
    I have added your friend-code [2750-0800-8369] on SSB: Brawl. Please add mine [1204 0721 3643] and then contact me when you have done so.

    If you do not wish to add me, please still contact me and tell me so.
    I miraculously got it in the underground, but thanks for offering. Plus, you probably have my Diamond friend code.
    do you have a legit Deoxys already?

    I have a GameSpot Deoxys(currently soft-resetting for Shiny)
    ;132; I also have one that I'm not resetting though, since I got one on my Diamond and Pearl both.

    I'll trade ya, if you want.
    Thanks, but I don't need it.
    And the banner is now done! Here it is:

    I hope you're not disappointed. I tried to make it cool, relevant to why we'll miss them (The members there.), and reltively simple/small (To follow the banner rules.). You don't have to give credit in your signature unless you want to.

    This is documented proof that I hereby release this image into the public domain, and ask for no credit if used.

    Anyway, thanks for coming to me for your banner needs! I'm honored! Hopefully other people from the Brawl Threads will use this banner, too.
    I want you to make a R.I.P. Brawl Thread banner for me
    You, me, and everyone else probably! But OK, I'll make one. (I would've made one for myself anyway, so I definitely don't mind!) Just let me finish my secret project related to the closing first...

    EDIT: My secret project is now complete (But I will not show it to the public for another two days.), so work will probably begin on the banner tomorrow.
    Btw, I got a new YouTube account, with a bad Tiers R 4 Queers video.
    Cool. I look forward to more TR4Q videos.

    By the way, word of advice: Work on a more colorful logo. :)
    PikaNoob, PikaNoob, where far art thou, PikaNoob? You've missed the newest D911 masterpiece's captioning process thus far. Do not forget to submit an entry or two! Especially since this one has a Geno reference like I said it might!

    Hope to see you there,
    Thought I'd ask for a few training Brawls while I was spreading word about the Tournament rules being posted, and registration opened.

    Your profile says you're on the club's thread already, so I see no reason to alert you to that fact, but I'm still looking for some practice.
    Thank you. And Merry Christmas to you too, (tomorrow, of course). :)

    Oh, and you know that user, blades007, that PMed you (And I think Alzi too) about Brawl? That's my 10 year old brother. Feel free to ignore him, if you wish.
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