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Recent content by metabee14

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    Project: Mewdex

    You know, this brings back memories of a project that was going on a few years ago. We made these same kind of Mews only then with the RS version. Anyway I like you Mews, some are very creative and some are really funny. My favourites are Primeape, Arcanine and Ponyta. And with a few...
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    I saw you wished me a happy birthday and I want to thank you for that. He, today is the first...

    I saw you wished me a happy birthday and I want to thank you for that. He, today is the first time in years that I came here, so sorry for the late reply. :P
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    Battle of the Map Makers

    Hmm.. I screwed up the middle Island, i will go change that. And what is wrong with not having beaches, I mean, not every Island have to have a beach. Is this any better then? I have changed the middle Island so the surf path connects to a beach and on the lower right Island I changed the...
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    Battle of the Map Makers

    Here is my world map, called the Variësta Islands: It is my first map so it isn't really that good. EDIT: changed a small thing on the lower right Island. EDIT2: changed some more things.
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    Dungeon General Help Thread

    You could try to buy some info from wigglytuff (which also acts like a pokedex), I think by buying certain pokemon info, your rate of joining that pokemon increases. I'm not really sure about this though.
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    Dungeon General Help Thread

    On serebii.net on the boss page it says that you have to battle a massacre of pokemon at once but when I was in the dungeon of rayquaza I didn't have to battle them. Was I lucky or something? What do you have to do to go back to the rayquaza dungeon on a mission? I guess fly but I haven't...
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    Dungeon Evolution Solved!

    Is it a really needed to beat kyorge to evolve your pokemon? Because I can enter the cave before kyorge and have evolved my totodile in a feraligatr already. My charmender went to his area when I was about to go on a mission. Right after that charmender never followed me again.
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    Winter Spriting Competition

    Here are my entry's Beauty mix: Azuleaf Best mix: Noztang Best recolor: Weezing and Best revamp: Silver Blastoise EDIT: removed 2 entry's from my list.
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    Pokemon Mysterious dungeons

    If you press start you don't get the menu up in this game. It is accessed by pressing the B button.
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    Mysterious Dungeon Red, First Impressions

    I don't know. My totodile is at level 26 and hasn't evolved so does my charmender. Maybe it can if you let them hold a special item or you have to go to a special place. But maybe because you are transformed from a human into a pokemon you can't evolve. And possibly you are not the only one...
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    Mysterious Dungeon Red, First Impressions

    The blue orbs are attacks you can use against wild pokemon. They are attacks that are usefull if you don't have a parallyzing move on your pokemon for example so you can use an orb for that. You can get partners randomly, just fight wild pokemon and keep attention while attacking. Sometimes a...
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    Mysterious Dungeon Red, First Impressions

    Press B to open the menu and it's right next to your HP of your pokemon. When you first enters a dungeon it will show 100/100. It takes 10 steps to lower the meter by 1. So you have 1000 steps before you need to give your pokemon any kind of food that will restore your hunger. EDIT: you...
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    Feeding = lame...

    I hope you do know that the pokemon in the boxes are kept at the prof's lab and he feeds them. So you don't have to feed those only the pokemon your holding. And in the dungeon games pokemon are kept at several places where they have there own enviroment and thus can eat there. Like Cool_Cid...
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    Mysterious Dungeon Red, First Impressions

    About the shortcut, go the the menu with your moves and press select on one of them, then in battle press L and A to do your "stored" move. About the B menu, I also have the same problem, you have to press a lot B to get the menu screen up. They definately should fix that in the english...
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    Favorite Medabot(s)?

    Well guess who... no not metabee:D. My fav are Rokusho and Babyblu. One is swordlike fighter(looks alot like Zero from the megaman games) and the other is just cute.