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  • Welp, looks like another group I need to look into. Fortunately, I have a 2hr (round trip) commute when the spring semester starts. Just gotta get the cds. lol

    Me? A Saosin fan? Where'd you hear that swill? >(

    Saosin was one of the few groups we were allowed to play at the print shop I used to work at (Manager said "No screaming, no swearing, no sexual themes."). I fell in love with their sound and my musical library has expanded since (via similar sounding groups like Secret and Whisper). I'm still fairly musically illiterate (didn't know about the White Stripes and was shunned by my friends. lol) but that's slowly changing as people recommend groups. I've more or less defined what I like, but I'm always open to suggestions.
    Didn't like it early on but got better as it progressed. Wasn't a fan of the vocalist's voice during the verses, though.

    Most vocalists take me awhile to like (cept Green Day's) so I'll check out some of their other work. Any specific songs you'd recommend?
    Same old same old, *cuddles her new Galaxy tab tightly*

    You've been on and off (but mostly off) for the past few months, where have you been?
    Happy Belated New year, bro. We all missed you.

    Work is a pain in the arse most of the time, but when I'm not sent off to "report on the community" (AKA having to deal with pretentious old people, chavvy teenagers and loud toddlers) I tend to lurk around here. It's amazing how there's barely any difference between Serebii and an urban community.
    Any reason why you don't log in anymore? You almost put RoU into depression.
    Also, I should probably just look at the thread or something, but who's Jaqueline Flores?
    I assume you've simply dissapeared from the site, no?

    You really have me thinking about you you know...seems like thats all you do in that basement.

    Don't worry bro, I don't really live in a basement
    Pfft. No, that isn't true what Elice claims... I was just wondering where you perhaps went considering you disappeared all of a sudden. I'm not that much of a creep. If anything, Elice is the one who misses you like that.
    RulerOfUnova x Metagross Guy = My OTP.
    Seriously, he's been missing you for the past month, so I cheered him up by speculating that you died in a ritual scenester suicide.
    Well then, you can take this sign-up sheet and go straight over to where Chili and Ruler of Unova are. Careful though, the latter tends to disguise himself as Lucian a lot.
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