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  • Sent you a PM but just thought I'd go Over the top with a VM also! I never got back to you so quick coz I was hatching up a Weedle for you.... If you are still looking for one just drop me a line... I'm online most week nights around 1700 GMT for a couple of hours and sporadically over the weekends!
    مر*با يا سلمان! (إذا ما تذكرت إسمك ال*قيقي, Ùتقول ذلك إلي.) كنت٠مشغول مع *ياتي وذلك ليس عندي وقت كثير لقراءة هذه منتديات. لعبت بوكتمان قليلا - عندي الآن غارتشومØوقريبا أكون عندي غلالي. ليس عندي أمت*انون أيضا...يبدأ صيÙÙŠ منذ أسبوع.

    Ø£*تج قاموس بالعربية وبالإنجليزية ÙÙŠ الإنترنات...تعر٠بأي؟ شكرا لك
    :O I havent got my exams yet. Coming soon i believe -.-
    But yay, i actually only have 60% chance of having one. and that only either in math or science x_x
    Yay! you were the first one to comment my profile :p
    Im good. Im on school right now so, And its REALLY hot outside today -.- what are you doing then?
    Oh, I see now..
    Well, I had to go for a while... and now MSN is having troubles and is not connecting.
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