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  • i was given him shiny mew and latias for his shiny magby so i first traded the shiny mew for the first pokemon he offered after tht he logged off and never gave the shiny magby
    I forgot about Bowser Jr and Ray MK I think they have a pretty good chance of getting in! You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that maybe in the WiiU version of Smash4 Paper Mario would be playable as a WiiU exclusive character and in the 3DS version of Smash4 Dr.Mario would be an exclusive character.
    Hmm for SSB4...
    - Zoroark
    - Ridley
    - Matthew
    - Megaman
    - Duckhunt Dog
    I kind of what Travis Touchdown and Black Mage... but I don't know I think Wolf Link would be cool too but Twilight Princess came out so long ago it doesn't seem likely.
    Hmm that's not a bad idea I like it! You should post it in the SSBB thread I suggested Matthew instead of Issac because the newest Golden Sun game has Matthew as the main protagonist.
    He was the leader. And then he thought he was gonna be forgiven. You should read, "My Warning," It's funny. Or was that the first thread?
    Yeah, strict (co)owners are soooo what the club doesn't need.
    We need people who're never online and don't care about what happens in the club.

    And more SPAM? Are you serious?
    You really should check the last 100 pages of the old club.

    We need strict rules, it's not that we WANT to be this strict, but it's the only way to not have this club ruined.

    All of the older clubs (and there have been A LOT), were closed because there were no rules or owners/co-owners who handed out strikes. Ofcourse, people want to post whatever and whenever they want, but it's not a chatbox.

    There are other threads for shinies where you can post useless stuff, they're called discussion threads. A club is different, clubs want decent posts, posts people enjoy reading.

    Sorry for going all out, but your post doesn't make any sense at all.
    So...basically...its better to have co-owners who never do anything and rules that are never enforced than what we have now? Good to know. Have fun on your travels. Sorry to see you go.
    So we are about tied in MMing. But right now, I'm actually SRing for a Volcarona (temporeraly) just so you know.
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