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    So Ash and Trip will whip out their Snakes and compare them?

    It'd be an interesting battle.
    I see what you did there...

    BTW kickass sig.
    Np, can you do one with SG Krokorok?? Pls?? I think that's would look awesome, also you should do like a Ash and Group thing where you switch between there Pokemon every once in awhile.
    I guess it's the battle pic one?

    Since the other screenshots are "walking around" pics, and the characters are too small to see....
    RSE had somthing that completely blows the other regions out of the water.

    Secret Bases.

    and not the crap ones from Shinnoh.

    Secret Bases made EV training a breeze, and allowed for quick exp if in a fix, plus getting to battle a friend even while they are away is loads of fun.
    Wait, what?
    @ Your post about a ontopic post from what appeared to be a bot - yes, it was a bot. =p They tend to at times use older posts to make their current post seem on topic...

    (And must agree that your signature is most excellent.)
    Alright, thanks. I figured it was the same as Pokemon. Well, I've actually sort of had the idea to input one of my characters into a text hack just to see what it looks like to give them dialogue.
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