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  • Good luck with the mocks :) And sympathies with you on the illness, in bed with a vomiting bug myself at the moment. Aside from that life's been good these past few months :) Pretty much given up with GPX+ these days. Wasn't so much really the incentive thingys, just got boring. I'm still trying to keep a bit active on GTS+. Not quite so interesting now its dominated by GPX+ stuff, but I do kinda miss the community down so reckon its worth staying in touch.
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    up for a battle
    fc=3008 0452 5850
    i will battle anyone
    tired of sitting here doing nothing lol
    message back
    I want to thank you again for helping. =]
    I did send the right TM, yes? (I hope.)
    I'm really sorry, but I'm changing my request again.
    Can you please get me a shiny heracross with-
    gee, there're no egg moves I want on it. It can be any gender, any ability, as I have held items/moves/everything planned for any combination.
    Unless you can give me one with ice beam. XD (I'm joking, really.)
    heh, you say that now, but wait til every piece of clothing you own is covered in grit and dirt and the passing cars have splashed you in the face with it so it's in your hair and teeth as well.

    ...<_< >_> if you can't tell, i don't like slush...

    i'm ok now, i swear.
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