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Recent content by Metallica

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    #641 Tornadus

    Looking for a Tornadus. Have a Thunderous to trade. PM me to trade. I have an Untrained Impish Thunderous and a Quiet Lv100 Thunderous Still looking for a trade if anyone is interested.
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    What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

    I'd like to see Team Rocket make a comeback. Maybe instead of taking over a radio tower(what was that gonna do for them?) maybe their goal of the game is the capture of lugia or ho-oh.
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    Rate my team

    Hm........ Some changes i like, some i dont. Thanks, i think i might be switchin around my team.
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    Rate my team

    well here it is..... Rhyperior Item: Need idea for one Ability: Solid Rock Moves: Stone Edge Scary Face(need idea for better move) Rock Wrecker Earthquake Torterra Item: Heat Rock Ability: Overgrow Moves:Sunny Day Wood Hammer...
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    The best thing that happened to you on D/P

    The Best thing to me was finally finding a;446; in a honey tree and it was shiny. its now one of my better pokemon in my party
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    whaT a coincidence he used the exact three pokemon i used against him Rhyperior, Milotic, and Dragonite. so i had to prove my team was better and it was.
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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    I just perfected my team after not playing for along time. its on the trainer card next to my future guitar
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    looking for a battle

    well the title explains it anyone who wants to battle me post here i only have a few rules 1.any pokemon can be used 2.no voice chat(mom wil take away my wifi :( ) thats it
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    looking for shiny palkia and shiny dialga

    im loooking for a shiny palkia and a shiny dialga. i will offer anything(shiny or not) if your willing to trade them
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    Fun Fact

    A repel wont always work
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    Fun Fact

    Togekiss,Skuntank,Sudowoodo,and the male trainer in the game all weight the same
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    Have you ever noticed........

    Have you ever noticed that Repels of any kind wont work sometimes. I use one then 2 seconds later a pokemon appears man that makes me mad!
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    You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

    when everyone you know is obsessed with it
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    whos the best water starter

    I say mudkip because wen it evolves it will be strong against electric unlike the other 3
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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    well i caught a shiny elekid with a electrizer my lucky day!