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  • MetalMario! As in the MM from PokeCommunity? I just saw you on Zabi's friends list and I figured I'd see if you're the same person.
    What do you mean by this:
    "Serebii up to their old games, inventing weird superstitions in hunting for shinies... "

    And yeah, maspoopa and masdoapa? Where is he getting these :p?
    well it said MOST R NFT,not all but 1... soooo...
    well its ADAMANT, exelent nature for a metagross, do u have a timid heatran ut?
    Happy Geburtstag. (Did I spell that correctly?)

    Geburtstag is German for birthday.

    Have a happy day. :)
    *meant personality sry if im being a pest but i really need this skorupi to finish my teams maybe we can work a trade out?:)
    hey ru the guy offering skorupi?if so do u have a male scorupi w/whirlwind & somewhat vain as a pesonality?plz pm me asap if u do thanks
    Hey MetalMario, I hate to bug you, but do you happen to know anything about Pokemon Ranger?
    Hey there!

    I hope you aren't bothered with me asking (as you may have had others ask you as well), but where did you get those shiny Pokémon sprites in your signature and is there a site where there is a collection of all of them? I know projects for doing those have been started, but I don't know if they were ever finished.

    Thanks! See ya
    Hey MetalMario, I have a question about IVs. Could I ask you a question about them regarding certain Pokemon?
    Hey MetalMario, I have an inquiry. Perhaps you can answer.

    In Pokemon Platinum, can you capture the Regis before getting the national dex? If so, what will happen when you capture it? Will the Pokedex screen appear?

    Edit: I am also pleased to inform you that I caught a shiny Magikarp recently on my Platinum.
    Thanks. You're the only one who seems to think I have the right to have an opinion. Anyway, it's not as if I don't like Helio - I do. And she does great YouTube vids of her catches. But I don't respect the cheating.

    And yes, I was surprised that I got bashed like that. Especially from Kirk and PL, who I thought were friends.
    If you don't mind me asking another generic question (I seem to love asking these), what are you most looking forward to in playing HGSS?
    Hey MetalMario, how goes it?

    So, which version and which starter? Will the starter be Chikorita?
    HeartGold and SoulSilver eh? I'll see if they didn't eff this up like they did with FireRed and LeafGreen.
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