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  • Could you explain the use of the Tapu Lele Sharpedo build you recommended awhile back btw. What is it for?
    Please respond btw. Or my Ludicolo LowKeyCholo will Mexican pineapple slap you.
    -The FanaticalPokecultist, Psilo
    Can we talk btw? I'm really sad and crying right now. I just broke up with a really loved gf of mine and I feel like I can't make it without her.
    Damn, gotta PM you the team because of the stupid 420 character limit. So I'll do that. Please help me build it more to handle the meta. -Psilo
    Oh, here's the gangster ass team. It's really thug. It's like pure rap music and versatile new meta. I went creative on my scarf bish set. It's so pretty and thuggish like Eminem. Please help me with it.
    I'm good, but you're better than me at keeping up with instant evolution of the meta, so please tell me how to better this team. I need your help building to handle the ladder. It's too quickly evolving right now to handle. I'm really proud of my new team though. I really thought it was super gangster and makes me feel like a thug.
    Help me out :(
    I'm in need of help, especially for making the team more ultimate. I feel like a grommie boujie who can't even win :'(

    I'm crying like a little boy right now :'( it's very un thug like of me and must be effecting the thug like capacities of the team and must be making me lose.
    What you think of this new team? As far as I'm concerned it's pretty gangster. It has issues with max SpA Char-Y though. I just got obliterated by it :'(. What would you put on it to cover that? And how would you adapt it to better handle new meta over all? I ask cus the meta is really quickly-dynamic right now. It's hard to keep up with :'(
    Just thought I'd post that to your page as well, since I really love writing hypothetical parable conversations between pokemon. And I know someone as smart as you would love it. I posted ev explanations btw.'
    -Kindly, Psilo
    Sometimes I use Ice Fang on my Sharpedo.
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