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  • I once lost to a ratatata.....

    Psh, who needs celebi? CruelThornDon is the best defensive core ever

    Last I checked he was #4 and #14 on the ps ladder, new goal to beat here I come :D
    .... I won against Saph (that was our first war), it was after my battles against Dusknoirs that I started to realize my teams were my issue. Should have realized it after having like 4 matches in a row when I out predicted my opponents and lost

    How on earth did you know I was using sand?!?!? But I'm actually using mix wall Hippo. I'm really liking it since my entire defensive core seems to wall scizor XD

    Also, do you know how good thenewguy24 is?
    I just wasn't in the mindset against saph

    I'm good at rating othe people's teams. I tend to not be as thorough with my own teams :p also the drag may team used 3 steels and 3 dragons. It was more of a drag mag volt turn team

    I messages him telling him to contact people, I hope he will
    Break down it's counters and either use rp against offensive teams or sd against defensive ones. I think I used I in my war matches against saph but I really didn't use it to it's fullest

    Honestly it really bugged me when I was having my war matches with Dusk. It apparently didn't affect my prediction skills to much (those that watched pretty much said I only lost because my teams weren't that good, otherwise I probably would have been fine) but still. I guess it's the type of group that will really push you though

    Ya, I feel like he is beating himself up over it now
    Well, I had it the first match but lost it the second. Last match there was an early game crit that took out an important member of my team and I had no chance of getting back in it
    No member poaching, like specifically. Every member in the clan should know what it is and not do it, considering it is one of the bigger no no's in the section rules

    Lol it's fine with me, I actually find it funny
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