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  • Nah. He's not even getting STAB off of it. Waste of a moveslot if you ask me.

    Unfortunately, yep. You'll have to settle for BB. At least it can shatter Light Screens and Reflects. Stone Edge is arguably better than Psycho Cut, though. But again, that's entirely up to your preferences.

    Again, it's alright lol. I just have a tendency to randomly improve upon stuff I look at. Besides, you're a friend of Silver.
    That's settled then. Ugh, get rid of Dragon Breath, perhaps Sceptile can do some sub-seeding instead.
    Gallade @ Leftovers
    Careful 240 HP/ 40 Atk/ 216 SpD/ 12 Speed
    Bulk Up
    Brick Break/Drain Punch (which you don't have)
    Stone Edge/Psycho Cut/Ice Punch (above)
    Shadow Sneak

    Leftovers is definitely the route you should go, especially since you're lacking the vital Drain Punch.

    It's alright. I just wondered why you poofed so fast.
    Well, you can just opt for Brick Break, I can't imagine anything else for it's primary STAB.
    I would agree with this; but likewise, plenty of things did. A lot of amazing TMs are now defunct in gen 5 and are replaced with rubbish like bulldoze and whatnot. Dark Pulse, Drain Punch and Dragon Pulse will be missed.

    Gengar doesn't have the best defenses, so I'm fairly sure a +1 Shadow Sneak should do the trick by 2HKOing Gengar.

    Edit: You always go offline as soon as I reply...
    Unfortunately, no - I don't have a DW Totodile at the moment.

    Well if the legality really irks you, I could just give you a leftover Gallade with it from one of my Generation 4 games. Assuming I have a Careful one, of course. Brick break is doable, however I would largely consider trying to get a Gallade with DP from Generation 4 games.

    Nothing else, lol.
    Remove Leaf Blade and run Drain Punch on Gallade for reliable STAB, a form of recovery and perfect type coverage with Shadow Sneak.

    Shadow Sneak isn't dealing any major damage anytime soon so instead of Ghost Gem or (...) a Plate, you should opt for Leftovers/Lum Berry, especially on a Bulk Up set like that.

    Sorry for the conversation lurking, lol. Just some food for thought.
    I like just about the entire move set, it's just Shadow Sneak I'm not too fond of. It's very low base power, and you shouldn't waste your item on one that benefits a move that still won't be too great even after the gem takes its affect. If you really, really want a ghost move, then I guess you have no choice, but if you ask me, Brick Break is a much better choice because it's an overall better move and it gets STAB.

    As for your item, I really recommend a plate over a gem. A plate doesn't give as much of a boost as a gem does, but a plate doesn't constantly have to be replaced and it gives the boost throughout the battle instead of one attack only.

    Good nature, and when it comes to EVs I can't help you there because I don't EV train. So overall I think you have a pretty good move set here, I would just get rid of Shadow Sneak and replace it with Brick Break. If you really don't want Brick Break for some reason, X-Scissor or even Poison Jab are good alternatives. Hope I helped :)
    I'd love to help, but I don't play competitive ^_^;

    From what I do know, your set seems good. For EVs I'd do Sp.A, Speed, and Attack. Not sure what distribution though.
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