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  • Oh, that was a commercial, right? =D I remember that jingle now. ^^ Sorry, I don't easily get that stuff... I'm not up-to-date to any trends, memes, or stuff that's on tv... (I haven't turned on my tv for a long time again, I mostly just do stuff on the pc). =P
    We are the...?
    Ooh! Is that one of those "Complete the sentence game"? =D Let me give it a try. =)

    We are the... site?
    As in, every member is part of the final product and contributes to its existence?

    We are the... Serebii?
    Like that perhaps, Serebii is no longer running the site but instead his legacy has been kept alive here by users running his account?

    We are the... ones responsible?
    That perhaps the reason the website has stayed the same for many years, using HTML 3.2 and not changing its format, is because that Serebii, much like its users, are attached to it and the happy past experiences that made them smile? Much like how I can't distance myself from the memories of my clan and refuse to discard their memories or the files that I kept from every site I ran and was part of, mostly due to how much they remind me of happier times...

    We are the... support?
    My way of contributing and feeling like I'm part of something again is perhaps upsetting the community, for it may see me as a nuisance or a threat to their ways?

    We are the... members?
    That I'm new here and have no place in saying or questioning anything? That my opinions and support isn't welcome for I am a nobody here?

    Hmm, I could guess for a while, but perhaps the "We are the" was simply just "I accidentally hit send before I was done with the sentence". ^^
    Thank you for your reply, nonetheless. I'm glad this had me distracted for a while. =)
    I've entered the void.
    I've gone somewhere long forgotten.
    In the darkness, they whisper their dark secrets.
    Where have you gone in the void?

    Haven't been hunting for a bit though, kinda falling out of it rn.

    Maybe when Pokemon Switch is revealed I'll get back into the groove of it tho!
    Sounds good. Btw, r u interested in any of the following as well?

    Moon Hydreigon first evo forgot its name
    Moon HA Cyndaquil 3 ems
    Moon HA Snivy terrain, glare, mirror coat, glare
    Lure HA totodile DD, i punch, aqua jet, crunch
    Love HA vulpix hypnosis, disable, heat wave, hex/ HA Jangmo-o
    Sport Weedle
    Dream HA Drifloon
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