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  • So. Rayquaza. I will get the Adamant one, shiny. In a Moon Ball. ... Do you want a nickname on it?
    And in exchange... do you have either a Salac or a Liechi Berry? I'd ask for a Custap, but I don't think that's accessible in Generation VII.
    In your request, did you mean to put "spokky challenge" for the text, or did you mean "Spooky Challenge"? Just making sure before I accept your request, in case I make a mistake in the request. ^^
    The Celebi event is for Sun and Moon, not GS. Those who pre-purchased GS get a Celebi that they can get on Sun and Moon so it is not possible to get it on GS. I'm not a shiny Pokemon hoarder. I'm not as crazy about shinies like most people are. If I get a shiny Pokemon, that's cool, but I don't grind for them. I just thought it would be cool if I end up finding a shiny in GS since it was the first game to introduce that.
    I'm going to fill the pokedex but I still won't be able to get Celebi for it. Oh well, can't do anything about that. I'm still going to get it filled minus Celebi. I am hoping to run into at least one shiny Pokemon since I've always had luck with shinies every single Pokemon game I've played but still nothing besides the red Gyarados, and I don't count the red Gyarados since it's a mandatory encounter. I wish the soothe bell was in this game since I have quite a few Pokemon to evolve with happiness but I think the soothe bell wasn't introduced until RSE.
    I know you're playing around, but I play games at my own pace, and it doesn't take that long for me to get through GS/HGSS. By the way, I finally caught Entei, Raikou, and Suicune! Raikou took the longest. I just wasn't having an easy time with him. I now see why everyone uses their Master Ball on him, but this being my first time playing Pokemon Silver, I didn't know why. I've also been working on my pokedex and I now have 187 registered.
    I beat all 8 Kanto gym leaders and now have access to Mt. Silver. I caught a Larvitar too! I'm now raising my team up to take on Red, but I'm not going to do that until I fight all of the trainers in Kanto as well as catching all the wild Pokemon I can for my Pokedex. My current team is Feraligatr, Espeon, Ampharos, Dragonair, Houndoom, and Larvitar.
    I know, Larvitar is only found in Mt. Silver which you can't access until the end of the post-game. But I love Tyranitar so much I want to raise one. I already got a Dratini from the Dragon's Den. I don't plan on playing competitively, I'm just playing for fun so I'm not worrying too much about moves. Also, I managed to catch a Chansey which is a 1% encounter and now I'm trying to get a Lucky Egg from one of them. It's really easy to find Chansey if you have a lv. 25 Pokemon and use the repel trick. I've managed to find many Chansey so far but still no Lucky Egg. Of course, I haven't been looking for too long so I'll keep trying.
    EDIT 1hr later: Finally got a Lucky Egg! Now grinding levels is a bit easier.
    I do always enjoy my time with Gold and Silver. I was just rushing because this is my first time playing the original GS. I've only played HG,SS and a little bit of Crystal. I'm currently playing through Gold now and I'll be doing the post-game in Silver tomorrow. Looking forward to doing the post-game and I'll be taking my time with the post-game since the Kanto half is my favorite part of the game since you have so much freedom. I want to get my team up to high levels and beat Red. As well as raising some more Pokemon like a Tyranitar and Dragonite.
    I just beat Pokemon Silver! The last few battles were hard because I was under-levelled. Most people grind their team to lv. 40 before taking on the Pokemon League but I beat it with my entire team in the 30s.
    I said I wanted to take a break from Silver but the games just keep calling me back. They are so much fun! I was playing a little bit of Pokemon Gold last night, since I'm still training my Eevee and I don't want it to evolve into Umbreon, and i manage to get to Goldenrod City with 4 Pokemon already on my team. My Gold team so far is Quilava, Zubat, Flaaffy, and Wooper. I chose Cyndaquil this time instead of Totodile and I'm using Mareep and Zubat again since I like them so much. Mareep in particular. I always play these games with Mareep except for Crystal since Mareep isn't in that game.
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