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  • the graphics are good, the map maker is abit limited but you can place zipwires and guns also you can change the weather to things like flood,sandstorm,fog also you can play as secret agents and aliens + more if you edit hacked maps you can make a big gap i middle of stage so people have to snipe :)
    my favourite gun is probley ramat or m60 E-3
    ive got a third person shooter on psp called syphon filter combat ops its only got online but it rules you can make your own maps and theres about 150 guns
    'Tis fine, and good luck on it.
    In my opninion, essays aren't really that difficult; they're just tedious.
    (I was calling the homework schoolwork, BTW.)
    Eh, weekend homework isn't that bad, unless it's, like, a three-page essay. >.>
    Seems like you go to your room and lock up? Doesn't seem like maturity.
    Depends on it is so; the teenager-adult people prefer to do whatever they want. Of course, they don't seem to be mature enough. It's hard to believe for mom and you. Well, you see, I'm behind the truth. Like this: "No One Believes In Someone" I just didn't want to cause troubles on people....

    So I noticed grandma was embarrassed by writing on the paper. I looked around it. I was like "This doesn't seem to be right and grandma is really confused" in my mind. My uncle(young, not grandpa) explained to her what I mean.

    Obviously, old people try to improve their skills, sometimes it's hard-ish

    Oooooh....you don't have to learn news, but if you want. *sigh* When I was 4 years, I read history book, science, and physic(like human) book in my home in Philippines. I know they made me bored lol. I know a lot.

    Oh, one more thing. Did you notice something wrong with mom? Because she didn't want get hurted/hit by her own husband. Hint: "Lack"
    You know, you were mad by yourself because husband punished you for reasons. Am I wrong? See yourself. If you don't figure it out, it's okay. I already knew why.
    *sneaks up to you* Hello..........*slaps your face* =P What's up?

    This month, Nov. I wasn't complaining at all because I gave advices to grandma. ~.O don't think I'm like a girl lol However, I was sighing often lol
    Yeah, I have schoolwork on the weekends, sadly, but I'm a junior, so it's to be expected, I guess.
    Hehe... XD
    I wish I was able to volunteer at a haunted house, but I was busy with schoolwork... :/ Ah well...
    Tell mom. I won't work on 4 classes because grandma didn't pay attention to what I said.

    "HOMEWORK?" I told her no homework. How many times did I have to tell her?
    I don't care about failures. I'm going to fail my 4 classes...=/
    Can you tell mom to contact my grandma to stop bothering me? If so, I'm gonna work on these. And if not, I'm not gonna do it.
    No, you got it wrong. It was a problem for my high school online because homeroom teacher wanted to remind me and mom about something important and missing attentional classes. =/

    I didn't miss any attentions, but I was annoyed by her kmail. So I borrowed mom's login. I filled her attentional classes out.
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