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  • Ooo, chrisp, never had that one before xD

    Mouses do seem to be more precise for shooting, since you can more accurately move a focal pont on a surface that point at it from affar. That's why we have touch screen computers and not point-screen ones, although those that interact with lazers seem interesting enough. Still, ya mouse is easier =d

    Get on google I need to talk to someone because I have something important for my high school online...Mine is online for awhile
    U_U....I expect you know what I do to do w/GIMP... *downloads it* Hmmm....Where can I download GIMP brushes? These can be found in Deviantart, right? If so, then I will download them soon then...

    BTW I have deviantArt =P
    I noticed you went offline on google and because I don't have Riolu egg enough and need new movesets...maybe like high fighting move(I don't remember what that is called)

    Can you give me a step by step for download GIMP 2.6? And can you give me picture of GIMP w/step by step? Before I need to work my WebDesign...
    What time do you come to google everyday and weekend? I don't mind if I can leave my computer on. xD Well, due to my grandparent's works and plans have been busy apparently or quickly.... =/ As though; weekday, they take me to someplace like a store, field trip, and others.

    Ehh.....I don't feel like I could go to field trip during my high school online ~_~
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