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  • i got my computer back.

    which means i'm back full time.

    when do you want to meet in xat?
    Hey, sorry I was inactive to. I've been having some major problems in RL, so...

    Anyway, do you think we can all meet up in the xat soon and talk? I haven't been on for a bit so I'm pretty behind. Sorry. :<
    damn. *role

    i say let's have bliz do it.

    we can always change it if needed.
    i'm pretty sure silver doesn't do competitive, and i'm not sure how good bliz is, seeing as i haven't battled him at all i think.

    i'd rather not take the roll. i'm sure we'll work something out.

    remember, you guys are leaders too :3
    Fantastic. /end sarcasm
    Anyway, sorry I've been missing for the past three days. D: Why don't we meet up tomorrow @ 6-6:30 PM EST? I should be home then. Hopefully I can convince my mom to let me stay home so I don't have to go on anymore redundant car trips.
    I'm really sorry...
    *hands you some brownies*
    At least Xatu's back! :D
    Also, would you like to meet in the xat soon? I was thinking we could all set up a time. :)
    Hey, uh, Metamon? I...uh....I kept the clan notes on...my Linux desktop system...because I thought it'd be more...uh...permanent if it was like...on the Linux computer...and...my dad...he uh...this weekend...He, uh, kinda...moved all the Linux system into the basement so that it wouldn't clutter up the living room.

    *waits for you to blow up*

    I do remember the buildings, though. Hagia Sophia, Starry Palace (Which we we're going to change) Some kind of Fortress, (Didn't it start with a 'K'?) And... I believe a Library of some sort?

    Also, I'm so sorry, I kinda blew up at my dad for putting that computer down in the basement where it's now staring at me in a dusty old corner behind spider infested bookshelves when I hadn't taken my files off of it. I thought he wouldn't have moved it WITHOUT TELLING ME FIRST but it looks like he did.
    Yeah...Also, I had a suggestion about naming the Starry Palace The Lumina Palace, (From the word Luminus) and that the divisions would be named after the different directions on a compass. (North, East, West, South)
    i plan on late june or early july.

    but tbh whenever it's done, i don't think it matters too much.
    Ah, nope. Sorry. I think the clan divisions are going to be named after the four directions on a compass (Like the Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern divisions)

    ...But I'm not sure. What do you think? :3 P.S - I can get on the chat at 9:00-9:30 tonight. :>

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