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    I guess thats as good as I'll get, eh?
    Absolutely. Honestly I'm surprised more people aren't in my camp! Why are so many people willing to believe we have no free will? 15-20 years ago The non free will folks would have (probably) been the minority. Thanks for a good discussion.

    True story. I snuck up on a squirrel, when he finally heard me he dashed to the nearest tree and hissed and chattered at me. It was the funniest thing to see... A squirrel cussing me out!
    Reason for joining is simple... I didn't join for pokemon.. I didn't join to chat with you about stuffs..

    I joined for the simple reason of the great debate forum section :p
    A few things there have grabbed my attention and you all seem to reply in a way that actually debates rather than troll.
    Also the topics are quite in depth just the way i like them :p
    im doing 4th gen atm, its kinda pissing me off -.-` i just made a new team and i will be there after i finish with 4th gen :D and could u get on smogon?
    I'm still not convinced, this form of media has already taught me enough on what the world is like. It makes me wish I wasn't human to begin with.
    Do Teen Comedy movies and Animated Sitcoms such as South Park count as support for my claims because that's where I base my information from.
    Why do you always take my warnings as a joke? Do you even have a heart, or do you think I need therapy like what a few of ex-friends told me to do?
    I wouldn't have noticed this if you hadn't pointed it out. Awesome. Anyone care to tell me if he go banned for these threads he's been making/ derailing?
    Well there is a "report post" button on each post and many of his posts were becoming more spam and insult rather than actual debate. But that's just my guess.
    Don't feel the need to apologize, he's the ***. Everyone else is perfectly willing to have an intelligent discussion and is completely respectful to everyone. Thank you for the thoughts though, I do appreciate them.
    Is the Grand Arbiter position infallible? This title has so much power I just don't understand; What does this mean?
    I dunno... something about slavery being practiced "by every culture" and how even though it was practiced by "every culture" it is wrong. Therefore, just because incest is a universal taboo, all cultures are wrong.
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