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Sep 27, 2018
Nov 30, 2012
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MeteorRider was last seen:
Sep 27, 2018
    1. Poke Trainer J
      Poke Trainer J
      I heard you're busy breeding Pokemon for somebody right now, I'd still like to trade for that 6 IV Ditto If you have the time. :(
    2. Poke Trainer J
      Poke Trainer J
      Didn't know If you got the last PM I sent you, although just in case I can trade for those Shinies this coming Sunday since I don't have anything going on cause I'm going to be busy at work tomorrow plus I have a routine of playing card games at my local game store on Friday Nights, Saturdays I play card games as well too, so depending on what time you're online Sunday I need to know so I don't end up sleeping in like I usually do on Sundays. I should be able to get online Saturday after 10 pm If you're online for the trade as well.
    3. Poke Trainer J
      Poke Trainer J
      Sorry for the wait, I'm ready to trade. Since I'm trading you a Shiny Absol and Shiny Gogoat for one of your foreign 6 IV Ditto's what do you want to trade for the 2nd Shiny?
    4. Poke Trainer J
      Poke Trainer J
      I sent you a PM for the Shinies I have incase you were willing to trade any of them for one of your 6 IV Ditto's. I don't have any of the Y Exclusive Megastones unfortunately...
    5. varanus_komodoensis
      I'm assuming your IGN is Cadence?
    6. Artulia
      Hi there,
      Could you tell me if your foreign dittos are kalos caught?
      If so would you trade one for a full set of y exclusive megastones?
      Could you pm me if interested.
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