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Last Activity:
Oct 26, 2011
Jun 1, 2011
Likes Received:
Sol 3
Intergalactic Ninja

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Well-Known Member, from Sol 3

Mevejuma was last seen:
Oct 26, 2011
    1. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      Not around any more? x
    2. Zhanton
      Hey there! Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great day and whatnot (:
    3. pirate555
      Here's guessing by your inactivity on Serebii that university is splendidly taking up all your time in various interesting and exciting ways! Long may your fun continue :]

      (Or your accommodation is a stone cellar with no internet connection, in which case apologies for your misfortune)
    4. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      Hope you're well!
    5. pkmnfn
      hello mevejuma,
      remember me from the advice thread? just dropping in to say hi- PM me when you have the chance :)
    6. zebbystrika
      hi :) i haven't talked to u in a looong time!!!
    7. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      I said that I hope you're doing well at uni, but noticed I already wrote it. I'm a bit ditzy. :)

      I'm glad it's going well! xx
    8. Phoopes
      Noticed that you haven't been active lately... hope you're having a good time at university!
    9. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      Hi! Hope you're enjoying university my lovely. Enjoy the first year, it's a doss!
    10. Calamity™
      Ahhh sounds good to me. :3 Enjoy the first few days as much as you can. :3 It gets a little bit annoying after your first week of lectures lol. Or maybe I'm just taking it too seriously. :p
    11. Bhatman
      Hey, you have a spare tag in your signature :)

      Sorry if it was intentional.
    12. Calamity™
      Hey :3
      You said you moved into Halls on the 24th right? How are you finding it all? ;D
    13. ashhleeyy
      I've been swell!! Very busy. Now that it's the week I'll be less busy as I'll be at work mostly. How about you, did you have an enjoyable weekend? :)
    14. Zhanton
      iirc there was only the one person who I noticed actually mentioning you and that you had no right to do what you did but oh well. :S
    15. Zhanton
      Yup, you're super high now :]

      Unfortunately it seems that last night's events have sort of led to many people dismissing you as a newbie who thinks they run Misc, to paraphrase what I read from some other person.
    16. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      I do quite like Joshyeah, most of the time. His posts are good, although he can get annoying at times.
      He could just have gone offline, but you really left him flabbergasted I think. I wish he could get banned, he gets irritating.
    17. ashhleeyy
      Love the new chapter! & your banner looks great. Salamenceeee <3
    18. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      You should just ignore facetious. He's just looking for attention for being a condescending dick on a Pokemon Forum. You should put your good arguments to use on better people.

      He's actually sort of like a dumber Joshyeah, except getting more joy out of being mean to fourteen year olds on the internet.
    19. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      It's good they're doing that but rehabituation and habitat management is vital for these kind of wild animals. I often wondered the point of conserving species if there isn't going to be anywhere to release them. But yeah what they're doing for animals which have been dealt a bad hand by being kept in less than ideal conditions is brilliant short-term.
    20. Mrs Mime
      Mrs Mime
      Once you start working money won't be too much of an issue. Well, until you move out and need to support yourself. You should go next summer.. so save some of your loan maybe. I go over pretty much every year and try and do something different. I'd be interested in what they're doing in terms of habitat management with the gibbons.
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    Sol 3
    Intergalactic Ninja
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    I have a heart, two lungs and a liver

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