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  • That's because we're both amazing. I'm going back there next year. I would love to do something to help strays as there are so many.
    This kind of smug, holier-than-thou attitude you hold is precisely the reason I'm going to vote for noobers. I don't see why some people hold you in such high regard, you just seem like a class A w***** to me.
    Mevejuma earned respect +1.
    xD oh no. >.<

    hahah. and yes, lots of instruments, but you realize the fingering for things like flute, clarinet, and saxophone are nearly the same, and such. :p I have an okay voice, it just depends on the day. Some days I sound realy good, some days, not so much (in my opinion anyway, i hear i judge myself rather harshly)
    Hahaha, I can't say I've seen that problem, yet. (I still think it's funny how most non-drowsy medications have drowziness as a side effect)

    Hahah, I've been getting lots of homework, even if it isn't hard, the time consuming stuff like that bothers me most. Wow I'm not typing much today, lol. I'm even more sick and nearly died in phy ed :p hahah. Errmmm...percussion, guitar, bass, flute (which is what I play in school), and then a bunch of other schoolish instruments like clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and whatnot. And my voice if you count that, hahah.
    Never in my life. lol
    Anyway I feel truly ****ed atm because I'm just THAT tired lol. I'm going to sleep early tonight. Good night. :3
    lol Just wait till you get to Uni. Then I can laugh while you're doing all this induction crap. :D
    I so just want to get my course started already! Can't wait for Monday. :D First lecture, WOOO.
    Yeah, I'm so hoping these guys are just slow starters. They'll have to compensate for all the wasted time. :p Until then, back to reading these handbooks lol. They give us so many and want us to read them and then quiz us on the rules.... *sigh*
    A lot of boring stuff...
    Balls. I bet it would cost me the same to hitch a plane ticket to, live in and study in a different country all for the cost of out-of-state-tuition. Gah, that blows tuition is tripling over there! School needs to get cheaper before I'm too broke to ever go back ;_;
    I live in Wisconsin, the shittiest of the 50 states. Milwaukee, the city I live in, is real cool during the summer but otherwise it's pretty stupid here. Summer's dying down, thus is my affection towards where I live.

    Weeeee! Totally should. Hey, shoot me a message on Facebook! Unless you're friends with someone on SPPf that I'm friends with, the add button won't show up but if you shoot me a message I'll add ya! If you don't mind, that is.

    Hahah I totally did think of you. I was runnin' and junk and the commercial came on and I was like "omg she's gorgeous. Mevejuma must see!" :)
    xD It sounds like you're having more fun with your Dad lmao.
    The party was decent but I definitely had a much better time in Sixth Form. I think the people here are starting to come out of their shells a little though. Good times could be around the corner. :D
    lol I just forget things all the time, hence the many Supermarket trips. :D
    And yeah I'm getting better at organising lol... I hope.
    Just a two hour day at Uni tomorrow and then I finally start my course on Monday. Got my timetable today and it seems decent. :D
    ooooooo! My bad! :p Silly question, but I assure you it's legit: does it cost more as an resident of England to attend a Welsh school? In the states, you're pretty much stuck going to school in-state unless you can afford to pay triple tuition. D: I'd love to be anywhere else but here, but alas. My parents really like it here, but probably because they like cold weather. I figure they would move back if they were so inclined, but they recently moved into a new house, so I think they're stuck here!

    That sounds amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Hehe, I wasn't, but I'd be more than game for a zoo date if there is ever that opportunity! :D
    Yes, yes, yes, I'd love to see Thailand pics, is there an online album anywhere?

    You should totally continue calling yourself an author, I would! Your style is so refined and advanced; dare I say rivaling published novels I've read in the past. No lie!

    ah, & I saw this advert at the gym the other day while running.
    Made me go all o_O. Thought you'd enjoy! ^_^
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