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  • Yeah, no good being a bandwagon supporter =) I still go to see my local club now and again, even though they were relegated to the conference years ago. Plus, I can keep up with their news through the local paper; the back page is always devoted to them :')

    Ah, that's an intelligent way of doing it! So, what do you think of the new single? ;) True; did you have any books that became films that you were disappointed by? I have a couple of films I refuse to watch for fear they'll ruin the reading experience xD

    Hehe, I think I've posted in the picture thread once or twice, but on the whole I'm not that bothered by my appearance, it's pretty straight-average :p My hair used to be that blonde a few years back, then it started going naturally darker...I avenged it with lighter hair dye though >:3 Ooh a merchant chest, I want one of those in my room some day! Oh, Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day :p

    Ah I see, none of them were born in captivity then? Did you really get to recognise the personality of each ape? It's pretty unsurprising, I suppose, I see personalities in pet birds after all xD You held the gibbons' hands? Wow :D
    xD is that an invitation I see? ;) hahahahah, jk and such. When I moved to my new school, I had to dumb down my vocabulary whenever I talked to people, because on top of scaring most of the kids half to death, I had a giant vocabulary that no one there understood. :/ it was so annoying >.< but apparently some of my teachers noticed that I dumb myself down when talking with people xD

    xD kinda yeah, lmao. Hahah, school is kinda kicking my *** this year, with me needing to learn things in two of my classes xD up until now I knew just about everything they 'taught', it was pathetic. :/ I so could've skipped multiple grades and been out by now if they would've let me. I listen to music a lot, and I play a lot of instruments. It keeps me occupied, because I bore easily.
    lol Just finished reading it. And yeah my organisation skills aren't too great. lol
    I've had to go to the Supermarket every day since I arrived.... I have no idea how I'm going to survive for the next 3 years.
    I'll be going to sleep now. Talk to you tomorrow, good night! :D
    The buying of the food has been a bit of a challenge for me lol. I always end up forgetting certain things that I need. And I try to be healthy but it's harder when you're away from home cooking lol.
    Time keeping also seems to be pretty bad for me seeing as I have to go in at 10am tomorrow and I still haven't read the handbook. lol 12:30 already. ):
    Hmm, that does sound like rocky shores for the Liverpool boat....as an Arsenal fan (hopefully the situation won't turn out the same for Liverpool) I have a feeling that this is going to be a mighty painful year. I think I'll focus more on being a cricket fan for 2012, now there's something England might succeed at :p

    Wow, how do you find out all that info about which radio station will be broadcasting when? It seems like pretty useful know-how to have :] The real El Cid strikes me as an intriguing opportunist; Charlton Heston's (the actor's) El Cid was a heroic pretty boy who didn't actually act that brilliantly anyway. Minus the German accent, Heston reminds me of a 1960s version of Arnold Schwarzenegger :p (well not as bulky either, but same acting level and appearance, lol).

    Aw, thank you! Although I doubt my face fares well during performances, I totally zone out :p My parents would be proud that you recognised the cupboard thing as a bureau, they are antiques fanatics xD House to yourself? Awesome! I'm exactly the same as you, only voice anything in song when I know nobody is listening :p

    Ooh dear, does the sanctuary owner know why the gibbons took a turn for the worse? D: ...hehe, well, primates are similar to humans, so maybe there's a grey area on the aggro-complex there ;D
    lol I can totally relate with you on the growing up part. I used to help around the house a lot, but it's only now I realised just how much my Mum actually did for me. I so need her here lol. I guess we have to grow up at some point. :< lol
    Good luck with the girls. :p
    It is a really big change, and I was really nervous too. But you'll soon see that there really was no need for them nerves. :D Hopefully you'll actually meet fun people. lol It's so so so much different from School!
    lol, no i like the idea of baton passing, i really do, but dont just overload on power, otherwise pokes like blastoise/cress wall you
    Hey Mevejuma :D
    It's still as boring as it was last time. lol I have to go to Uni tomorrow and do some more registering on various things so at least that's something to look forward to. The same thing happens on Tuesday, and then I can look forward to another week of nothingness lol. How are you? :)
    Yeah. :p I have this problem sometimes though, where I make what I'll call 'intelligent people jokes', and almost no one I know will understand them, because they require vast knowledge of something else (and here is where I tell you about a comedian named Bo Burnham, and some of the things he says, oh my god, xD) It's costed me quite a few friends, but at least I know the ones I have like me for me -insert sappy movie moment hereeee-

    Yeah, it sucks xP I'm feeling a little better after the nap I just took though. I've been sleeping way more than usual, lol. Like, I never take naps (because they're not productive, and althugh the internet commonly isn't either, it's more productive than napping), and I took a five and a half hour nap yesterday, two one hour naps today, SOOOOO much sleep. And more than 8 hours at night, which is...a lot. lol. I think that drinking, oh, 80 ounces or so of orange juice in the past two days, and a bunch of glasses of water helped a little though, lol...(you would not believe how many times I had to pee from drinking that much. xD you are very much welcome, sir)
    xD Well that's good! I tend to be a fairly sarcastic and outspoken person.. Some people love it, some people..don't xD

    xP yeah, im just so tired all the time now... And yeah, lol, not my fault though. :p
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