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  • Ooh, tough break....I saw the score at 3-0 and just assumed Tottenham were having a great day (their form is unpredictable), then you mentioned the sendings off, and now it figures. Have you seen the fouls? I've not seen anything about the games today yet except scorelines. Being a Liverpool fan is tough, but there was that high time when you came back from 3-0 down to take the Champion's League :D I celebrated with them that day, generally pro english teams in CL football.

    oOo, will it be put up on youtube? I used to buy all my music, now I'm lazy and I stream it, particularly since my ipod lost all the music I purchased off itunes. That dented my faith in buying downloads, to be hones...El Cid is about the Spanish medieval period, except the film was an American hollywood blockbuster with heavily made-up actors and silly fight scenes xD

    Me playing my celtic composition :) I'm not in it because I'm way too self-conscious to willingly put myself in a video, haha. Could you make up catchy comedic lyrics though? Hehe, maybe it's just my school experience, but I've seen teachers sworn at, shoved, ignored, forced to tears and generally seeming miserable and unable to maintain discipline. I couldn't maintain discipline either I think, so no teaching for me :p Except in Japan. Children are nicer there (is my hopeful opinion). That's my plan for post-university for a year or so :]
    And animals are more fun to work with than children, I bet. All the unpredictability, none of the aggro :p

    Hmmm? Ooh, I still haven't watched it and I'm running out of time....eek!
    Ooh, Man U against Chelsea today, I don't know who I want to lose more xD I'm going to hope that Chelsea struggle through 2-1 and that all three goals are horrendous own goals :p (*cough* like Arsenal's players scoring 5 goals and losing 4-3 x_x)

    Big Enter Shikari fanatic are you? I don't know their music really so I haven't formed an opinion about them, must do that when I have a little time - same as with your new chapter, soon as I have a spare hour I'll catch up with the story :D But uni is getting close andI've had to do history study/CV prep... had to watch El Cid too, the darn film was 195 mins long o_O And dull.

    Hah, I can't sing outside of a choir :p I've got piano recordings on youtube though, could link you up if you like :) Yes, you can absolutely be Bill Bailey, minus the carzy hair and beard (hey, unless you want that style, in which case I won't stand in your way :p). Teaching maths...oh lord no xD I don't even want to consider being a history teacher, nooo...

    I've got to watch yesterday's doctor who episode still, and I probably will do, for fear of the wrath of all my friends I'm meeting at the pub later. They're fanatics, it'll be first topic of conversation...
    Hahah, yeah. And just don't piss me off too badly, :p
    I know it's nice there, and I'll remember, lol.
    Blah, xP I havent been given the chance to warm up to him much.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sick now. On top of being sick, last night I had to be at a football game for three hours (the american kind of football, lol), and the crowd for the opposing team was the most immature bunch of punk beeotches Id ever encountered, and had horrible sportsmanship. I ALMOST beat one of the guys up, but I didnt because he was black, and one of his teachers was right there...gah. theyre horrible people. >.< also, I was at a shooting range in the cold and wind for two ours this morning. I then took a five and a half hour nap when I got home xD but ugh, its bad. :p
    I just finished the first chapter and wow, it's a lot better than I expected. You're really good at this. lol I'm going to finish reading and then I'll bump. :D
    I sure did lol. First half hour was a bit quiet but then a couple of guys came and then they got everyone else to join. All I needed was a bit of booze and loud music lol.
    Hahah, I kind of live outside of the ghettos between two fairly big cities, I'm ALWAYS out of the way. :p I still plan to visit your little island over there, xP I just can't until after I graduate. I may even go to cllege there, depending on prices, and how credits will transfer, blahblah. :p hahah. The Warped Tour line up was pretty good I thought, at least good enough to keep me occupied for multiple hours and get some great sunburn, you could probably find the lineup if you wanted to.

    I still haven't warmed up to Matt Smith, he's kind of ugly, plus I wasn't allowed to watch without my sister, and she netflixed them at her bf's house. -_- xP acting is...blah, depends. Anywho, I gotta go, this shall continue later.
    I know you don't. :p We have quite a few diffeent ones in the area, but the closest ones to me are two hours away, and those are usually single band concerts. I'm really liking the $40 for a whole day of a bunch of bands thing, hahah.

    xP you remind me of David Tenant as the Doctor with your brilliant :p (that's how I read it in my head, lol) Enter Shakari was pretty good from what I saw, but a different band I liked better was playing elsewhere at the time (that'sthe only downfall of larger concerts, you may need to sacrifice seeing a few bands). I don't like Muse's vocals for the most part, I think their lead voice is ****. And yes, I did. ^^; being pushed down was painful, but luckily, I am a ninja and could just flip off and land on my feet when we were going down. >.>
    I saw them already. xP Warped Tour worked wonders for seeing a ton of bands live, ahahah.
    Seriously though, Attack Attack! probably had one ofth best live performances. They knew how to talk to the crowd...they had everyone listening play a giant game of chicken. On the hard ground. ouch. xP
    I suppose not, but if they lost against Benfica in the second leg it'd be totally hilarious and I'd laugh at Mr Ferguson. Although I admire him working past his retirement age; hope I'm that motivated when I'm getting on for 70!

    Good music huh? ;) Nah, I like my rock and metal...but if someone told me I had a mission to convert people to proper music, I'd probably sit them down and force-feed them Rachmaninov's piano concertos. They'd hate me, but I'd just be doing my job :p

    Yep, I was the only student in the entire year studying A-Level music, and I got three teachers all to myself :p And because I played piano already they just left me to practise on the grand every lesson on my own, and play what I felt like playing. That might account for my below-standard grade, but...still, happy days ;D I went to a maths lecture for lols at Cambridge, and learned how time slows down and objects lengthen as you move. They also learn how to calculate in the 4th dimension. Okay, not real-life stuff, but bloody amazing!

    Scrubs is good, doctor who I like but never manage to folllow, silly busy Saturday nights. I might actually watch iplayer for that Planet dinosaur thing on BBC yesters though xD
    Oh, Closure is good too. :p That's the song they have on the Warped Tour compilation CD. :p I gotta say, they are a fantastic band, and are also fantastic live. The lead singer has an amazing accent. xD
    BAH you're Welsh? JEALOUS. Have you lived in Wales your whole life? I'm the first 'Muurican in my fam; my whole Mom's side (her included) are Irish and my dad's a mix of a bunch of things (Scandinavian, German, mostly English).

    Animal Behavior sounds like an amazing thing to study! What would your ideal career be out of that? You should have totally been at the zoo with me last Monday. :)
    (when I get my other rolls of film developed, you'll love the zoo pics I took!)

    & your fic is brilliant! I honestly have never read a fan fic before (well, one Rocket Power fic I read back when I was 11 but that was a decade ago!) so I don't have anything to compare it to, however, I love reading and I can most certainly proclaim with confidence that you are such a talented writer! I'm so stoked to read more of it and perhaps you will have inspired me into reading more fics! :D
    oooo, Where do you go to university? Whaddya study?

    BAH that sounds amazing! Such great stories. :] Giggling gibbons, ooooh my gosh. <3

    I'll def go check out your fanfic! :D
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