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  • Pm me with trade offers, I have a complete living pokedex so if you need any hep with it I'm your man!
    I believe I was on my phone so that’s why I appeared online so shortly. You’re welcome! Thanks a bunch and enjoy your Pokemon! I cannot wait to train this Celebi. :D
    Sure I mean showdown has different teams which I haven't made yet except for one team though on wifi is that alright?
    Well people see Mega Audino on Doubles/Triples and therefore I thought why not use my Offensive Set in a singles match, it'll catch my opponent off guard if they don't see it coming. Also it originally had Surf, but I removed that for Hyper Voice stab since it's a Doubles/Triples Offensive set, and Wish was removed for Protect. It actually would work nice in singles with Wish support.
    No problem and I usually switch up Teams so that they can't be countered by rematches. Mega Audino did really well!
    Im usually available on Friday-Sunday at 9-11 am US time.
    Or wait till I open.
    I realize it's been awhile since you posted it, but do you still have Steven's Shiny Beldum event Pokemon available for trade? I have other event Pokes I can trade for it, Super Sized Pumpkaboo, PGL Tyrunt, an older black/white Shaymin event, JP Diancie event, JP Arceus event (not 100% sure this one is legit but it can be transferred via PokeBank). Let me know if you would like to do a trade!
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