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Mew The Gato
Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2018
Mar 28, 2013
Likes Received:
Dec 1, 1914 (Age: 104)

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Mew The Gato

___________, 104

Mew The Gato was last seen:
Mar 7, 2018
    1. Psynergy
      It's not your average priority move, but Fake Out in Singles is still a bit situational for my tastes. It does make it easier to Mega evolve, but Mega Medicham forces a lot of switches anyway, so I'd rather attempt to take the advantage of that opportunity to run another coverage move. I guess in the end, it comes down to what you want to do with Medicham, since it does have a lot of options.

      I might run a defensive Zapdos for Pinsir on another team so that I can experiment with other Megas. Scizor is currently my Defogger, and I use it much more than I use other Megas, so it would be a nice change of pace.

      Apparently, yeah. I've seen Landorus-T every now and then to attempt a switch into Rayquaza. I run Choice Band often, so even at the attack drop gets cancelled out, and that ends up being a wasted switch. I'd probably run one on my current team if it wasn't for the risk of compounding a weakness to Kyogre.
    2. Chapter
      Sounds awesome. I'll join. I can't promise overwhelming activity, though.
    3. Cherche
      Maria: Sableye?

    4. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Come on, please? Just once, or twice! D: But can we focus on Gatomon, AncientWisemon, Patamon etc again?

      Zorua: Does someone see a town?
    5. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Hmm? What do you mean? Can't we use her human forme once? Or a couple times?

      Zorua: I see. ._. Quick, let's hurry before she comes again! *runs*
    6. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Sorry! BTW, when shall we focus on the DigiDestinied etc? Oh, and there is an official Gatomon human form! :P

      Zorua: But why? *looks around*
    7. Cherche
      Maria: What was that?

    8. Sohryu
      It was a easier way to ask how much energy I had left in terms of health, because I never reffed a pokémon into critical energy
      Eh... Thanks!
    9. Sohryu
      Question. Critical Energy = Worth how many Hyper Beams for you?
    10. Cherche
      Maria: This is going to be quite amusing.

    11. Cherche
      Maria: * Summons out Sableye as well * I think shat should be good enough.

    12. Cherche
      Maria: * Summons Spiritomb *

    13. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Zorua: Fine...I think we are close to the castle!
    14. Cherche
      Maria: Well me, cause she's mine.

    15. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Zorua: Think! *shaking Larvesta*
    16. Cherche
      Maria: I was going to suggest splitting up.

    17. Cherche
      Maria: Yes, problem #2. There's a cave to the left, one straight ahead, & one to the right. Which one shall we go through?

    18. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Zorua: WAH! *blows away with the rest* Ugh...Larvesta, still don't know where we are?
    19. Kuvario
      I know that, I'll tell you when I made my move.
    20. Cherche
      Maria: Which cave? There are like 10,000 of them. Probably even more.

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    Dec 1, 1914 (Age: 104)
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